Zinc is a Zetton-Godzilla hybrid, and the fifth of the Periodic Genesis Kaiju (PGK) to come into existence. Like all the other PGKs, he was created by KoopaGalaxain.


Zinc, in keeping with the other PGKs, draws on characteristics of both his base components, Godzilla and Zetton. Zinc's skin is light grey, and he has Zetton's horns, arms and glowing chest. Zinc's eyes, teeth, claws and neck are a bright golden yellow in colour.


Pre-Dawn of Sepsis


After his 'father', Francium, wiped the ancient Earth clean, he created Caesium, Germanium, Mercury, Boron, Wolfram and Zinc from his own cells, and sent them to terraform the planet and make it suitable for life to evolve there. Alongside his 'brother', Boron, Zinc was tasked with creating the soil and the tectonic plates of the Earth.

The Coup

After the terraforming was complete, Caesium grew jealous of his 'father' and his 'brother' Mercury, and how they seemed to hold control over the other PGKs. Deciding to start a coup, Caesium recruited Zinc and the other PGKs into his growing 'revolution'. Together, Zinc and the other PGKs mounted an assault on Francium's castle that eventually left both Francium and Mercury dead.

Periodic Genesis: Dawn of Sepsis

While Zinc has yet to make an appearance in the comic, in universe he is most likely dead, along with most of the other PGKs. After Sepsis had fully formed, he created his three subordinates, Keratos, Myos and Organon. Giving them their first task, he sent them to kill the PGKs so he wouldn't have competition in controlling Earth. It is unknown as to which subordinate out of the three killed Zinc, or if such an event happened at all.

Council of Creators

Zinc makes a very brief appearance in the side story Conglomeration. During the midst of an all-out battle on the merged multiverse's Earth, Zinc battled MechaGfantis and managed to push him over.


  • One Trillion Degree Fireball: Zinc can fire countless fireballs from the glowing patch on his neck. This technique serves as Zinc's primary attack, and is derived from his Zetton DNA.
  • Atomic Breath: Zinc is able to fire a variant of Godzilla's atomic breath, capable of flooring most opponents. The beam is bright yellow in colour.
  • Burrowing: Zinc can travel through the ground at low speeds.
  • Earthquake Generator: Zinc can manipulate the ground beneath his feet to create powerful earthquakes that can disorient or injure opponents.


  • Zinc has a reputation for being a very resentful creature, even among the other PGKs, and as such he spends most of his time alone planning his next attack on some unsuspecting individual.
  • Out of the original wave of PGKs, Zinc is probably the one I found the most fun to make, after Boron.
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