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Ustin is a city state located in Northern Europe, Universe 1. It is the main setting of the collaborative series Council of Creators.


A decently-sized island situated in the North Sea off the coast of continental Europe, Ustin had been seen as a potential territory by many different civilizations over the years, from the Roman Empire right the way through the ensuing years to the British, American, German, Danish, Dutch and French claims lasting from the 19th century to the outbreak of World War II.

In the mid-20th century, the newly-formed United Nations put a stop to the squabbling by declaring Ustin to be a country of its own - as a result, Ustin has kept much of its identity from the countless nations who called the place theirs over the years, although British society has had the most influence.

Roman Expedition of Ustin

After the conquest of Britannia, roman general Gnaeus Julius Agricola decided to send an expedition to the North Sea to find new lands with the help of a roman commander. In 90 A.D, the romans discovered a new unexplored island with a weird environment and unknown animals that didn't look like they belonged to the european lands or even the world. The romans fought giant creatures and the dangerous forests were filled with dangerous life. The romans also discovered a kaiju, but they knew they couldn't fight a monster of the size of a mountain. They had no choice but to retreat and return to Britannia.

Frankish Expedition of Ustin

European tales told a dangerous island inhabit with weird and feared creatures. Charlesmagne, the king of the Frankish Empire send an expedition to the island to know if the legend was true. The ships never came back to France.

British Invasion of Ustin

No one in Europe dared to visit the island, until the United Kingdom prepared a huge army and artillery to colonize the island. In 1844, the british army were send to the island and began to study the biology of the creatures, plants, trees and many other things of the island. The british defied a kaiju but failed to kill it. The british failed to colonize the island and retreated.




Ustin Politics


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  • Both of Ustin's flags were designed by Radionatix.