Ultraman Fusion is the younger brother of Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Card. As such, he also uses trading cards to transform into a fusion of two or more Ultras in order to fight the evil Jugurus Jeggler and the Mage (Not Maga or Mega) Kaiju.


Fusion's normal form is identical to Ultraman Orb (Origin The First). Subsequently, all fusion forms utilized by him that previously existed are identical to the same forms used by Ultraman Orb physically, the only differences being some abilities.



Ultraman Fusion came to defend Earth because his brothers were busy filming their new movies, and he wanted to become a great hero like they were. He first appeared 109 years ago from today, battling Mage Zetton, the first of the Magical Demon Beasts, gaining a Fusion Card of the original Ultraman in the process. He then went on some adventures in the intervening 109 years and did some cool stuff that we only know about because of some books but will never get to see on screen, and that is sad.

Ultraman Fusion: THE ORIGIN SAGA

Backstory things. Also some previous Ultras appear and it's really cool. Also Fusion gets the Fusion Calibur, which is important.

That is all.

Ultraman Fusion

In the modern day, Fusion has returned to combat his rival Jugurus Jeggler along with other forces that threatened the Earth, first engaging in battle with the fusion Kaiju Nerongabora, a creation of Alien Bat, beginning his adventures on the Earth.

This section will be gradually updated based on the events of said series, and any important events relating to Fusion himself.

Ultraman Fusion The Movie: You All Knew There Was Gonna Be One Of These!

Fusion's obligatory movie in which things happen.


Fusion Origin
Orb The First

Fusion's original form, rendered inaccessible during a portion of his series for unknown reasons.


  • Fusium Ray: Fusion Origin's beam finisher, firstly done by charging energies in his hands, forming a ring of light, before performing the standard "+" position and firing an energy beam. So far.
  • Fusium Saucer: Fusion can fire white buzzsaw discs at his target.
  • Arm Power (アームパワー Āmu Pawā?): An attack which involves Fusion spinning the enemy before tossing them. This requires a lot of brute strength.
  • Fusion Punch: A punch attack.
  • Fusion Kick: A kick attack.
    • Mid-Air Kick: Fusion kicks the enemy multiple times mid-air with rapid succession.
  • Fusion Boomerang: Fusion can fire a single or multiple energy arrows from his hand.
  • Crescent Energy Wave: A blue arc of energy.
    • Fusion Slicer Attack: Fusion first launches the crescent energy wave, then flies far back and performs a flying kick towards it. It has enough power to obliterate a massive asteroid.
  • Fusion Spin Attacker: Fusion gathers his whole body's energy and releases it in all directions by spinning around.
  • Size Change: As with all Ultras, Fusion can grow from his default 10 m size to 50 m tall.
  • Barrier (バリヤー Bariyā?): Fusion can erect a barrier to block enemy attacks. It can also be used to contain or shield other beings.
  • Lightning Rod: Fusion can throw a rod of lightning at a target. It is unknown how powerful this ability is.
  • Pinpoint Toss: Fusion infuses an object with his energy and then tosses it towards a target. It seems to have pinpoint accuracy, being able to land its mark despite the target being small and mobile, such as against Evil Pigmon.


  • Fusion Calibur: Fusion's main weapon, which is a luminous sword. It appears to grant him access to the 4 elements of nature (Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind). The Fusion Calibur itself can be be used as a barrier to protect Fusion from enemy attacks.
    • Energy Slash: Fusion performs an energy slash by striking the opponent.
    • Crescent Energy Wave: Fusion slashes the Fusion Calibur towards the enemy, unleashing a crescent-shaped wave of energy and damages them.
    • Turning Slash: A powerful turning slash that can knock an opponent far away.
    • Energy Counter: Fusion can use the Fusion Calibur to absorb attacks and use them to counterattack.
    • Calibur Shield: The Fusion Calibur is capable of erecting a circular barrier. It can be launched at the enemy to stun them.
    • Calibur Wheel: The roulette of the Fusion Calibur, it can act as a slicer to slash foes. When doing so, it glows white.
    • Elemental Attacks: Based on the Calibur Wheel selections on the Fusion Calibur, Fusion Origin can perform attacks based on several elements.
      • Fusion Supreme Calibur: Fusion unleashes an energy stream from his sword, which is capable of destroying even the strongest of opponents. Should he use it in full power, the resulting blast will be powerful enough to create a city-wide explosion and it slowly disintegrates the weapon before breaking apart once it reaches the Calibur Wheel.
      • Fusion Flame Calibur: When the Calibur Wheel is set to the fire symbol, Fusion creates a ring of fire by making a circular motion with his sword. He then thrusts his sword, throwing it towards the enemy where he traps them in an orb of fire before slicing both the flame construct and the target as well, causing an explosion.
      • Fusion Water Calibur: When the Calibur Wheel is set to the water symbol, Fusion brings both him and the target into a pocket dimension of water. Next, he traps the opponent in a whirlpool and slices them.
      • Fusion Ground Calibur: When the Calibur Wheel is set to the earth symbol, Fusion stabs his sword into the ground to release electrical currents in a circular formation that would strike the opponent. This attack is strong enough to penetrate the Zeppandon Shield.
      • Fusion Wind Calibur: When the Calibur Wheel is set to the wind symbol, Fusion creates a powerful tornado by swinging his sword in a circular motion. This attack is capable of sending an enemy flying.

Specium Storm
Specium Storm

Fusion's basic fusion form, usually used at the beginning of fights to test an enemy's strength and capabilities. It combines the power of the original Ultraman and Ultraman Nexus.


  • Sperom Attack (スペロームアタック Superōmu Atakku?): A technique similar to Ultraman's Ultra Attack Ray, albeit further enhanced by Nexus's Particle Feather, the latter attack appearing at the very front of the series of rings from the Ultra Attack Ray.
  • Sperom Twin Shoot (スペロームツインシュート Superōmu Tsuin Shūto?): TBA
  • Cross Ray Sperom (クロスレイスペローム Kurosu Rei Superōmu?): Fusion's standard finisher attack in this form, combining Nexus's Cross-Ray Storm with the Specium Ray. Like both attacks, it is fired in the "+" position, and is golden and blue in color.
  • Circle Barrier: A white-colored barrier used by Fusion in this form to defend against enemy attacks.
  • Ultra Shower: Like Ultraman, Fusion can shoot a jet of water in this form. Generally used as a distraction tactic or to aggravate an opponent.
  • Meta Sphere: Fusion can generate a golden version of Ultraman's travel sphere for quick movement, which once entered is a realm similar to Nexus's Meta Field.
  • Flash Teleport: Fusion can teleport long distances in a short amount of time, though this takes extreme concentration and drains his energy.
  • Saving Ray: A combination of Nexus's Saving Butte and Ultraman's Ultra-Attack Ray into a single projectile attack.

Specium Storm Junis

An enhanced version of Specium Storm borrowing from Nexus's Junis form.


  • Ultra Full Burst (ウルトラフルバースト Urutora Furu Bāsuto?): After flying up and doing a loop in mid air, Fusion charges his hands and energy core and fires a replication of Nexus's Core Impulse from his both color timer and the energy core inherited from Nexus, imbued with the addition of the projectiles of Ultraman's Slash Ray at his opponent.
  • Over-Ray Sperom: A more powerful beam gained in this form, for use against stronger foes. It is fired in the "L" position and is a brighter blue than Nexus's Over-Ray Storm.
  • Circle Barrier: A white-colored barrier used by Fusion in this form to defend against enemy attacks.
  • Phase Shift Wave: Inherited directly from Nexus, Fusion can generate a Meta Field to fight in, also avoiding collateral damage in the process.
  • Broad Ray Slash: Fusion spins in a circular motion and fires a wide energy slash similar to Nexus, then shoots an Ultra Slash similar to Ultraman, both projectiles combining and slicing through a foe.
  • Cross Ray Sperom (クロスレイスペローム Kurosu Rei Superōmu?): Fusion's standard finisher attack in this form, combining Nexus's Cross-Ray Storm with the Specium Ray. Like both attacks, it is fired in the "+" position, and is golden and blue in color.

Specium Storm Junis Blue

A second enhancement for Specium Storm, borrowing from Nexus's Junis Blue form.


  • Enhanced Speed: This form gives Fusion a slight speed boost.
  • Arrow-Ray Sperom: A similar attack to Nexus's Arrow-Ray Storm, albeit now a light blue in color and the bow construct more resembling an Ultra Slash Ray projectile.
  • Sperom Sword: An arm blade constructed of the same energy as the Arrow-Ray Sperom. Of note, the blade is serrated, giving it some resemblance to the Ultra Slash.
  • Over Arrow-Ray Sperom: Fusion summons the bow and sword constructs at once, combining them into a final attack capable of destroying powerful foes in one shot.
  • Circle Barrier: A white-colored barrier used by Fusion in this form to defend against enemy attacks.
  • Phase Shift Wave: Inherited directly from Nexus, Fusion can generate a Meta Field to fight in, also avoiding collateral damage in the process.
  • Broad Ray Slash: Fusion spins in a circular motion and fires a wide energy slash similar to Nexus, then shoots an Ultra Slash similar to Ultraman, both projectiles combining and slicing through a foe.
  • Ultra Full Burst (ウルトラフルバースト Urutora Furu Bāsuto?): After flying up and doing a loop in mid air, Fusion charges his hands and energy core and fires a replication of Nexus's Core Impulse from his both color timer and the energy core inherited from Nexus, imbued with the addition of the projectiles of Ultraman's Slash Ray at his opponent.
  • Cross Ray Sperom (クロスレイスペローム Kurosu Rei Superōmu?): Fusion's standard finisher attack in this form, combining Nexus's Cross-Ray Storm with the Specium Ray. Like both attacks, it is fired in the "+" position, and is golden and blue in color.

Aegis Specium

The ultimate evolution of Specium Storm, combining the powers of Ultraman and Ultraman Noa.


  • Lightning Specium: Fusion's beam in this form, fired in the same postiion as Noa's, however it is golden and blue in color.
  • Specium Inferno: A powerful beam from Fusion's flaming fist, capable of skyrocketing an enemy into orbit within seconds.
  • Dimensional Travel: Due to the Aegis on his back, Fusion can travel through dimensions in this form.
  • Fusion The Final: Fusion's final attack in this form, capable of sealing a dimensional rift or defeating even the strongest of foes, but it will revert him to the normal Specium Storm with his color timer blinking.
  • Spark Ray: Fusion can charge his hands with lightning energy to increase the strength of his blows, than fire Ultra Slash Ray projectiles from them.
  • Gravity Specium: Fusion's enhanced version of the Gravity Zagi, using supergravity waves to produce a beam to tear the opponent apart.
  • Specium Thunderbolt: Electricity discharged from both sides of the Noa Aegis, when they cross it produces intense blasts of thunder and lightning that are a blue color.
  • Ultra Attack Shoot: A combination of the Ultra Attack Ray and the beams Noa is capable of firing from his fist.
  • Galaxy Specium: Fusion manipulates meteorites in the asteroid belt using a special wave, and charges them with Specium energy for increased effectiveness.
  • Fusion Mirage: Fusion creates his own illusion to trick his opponent.
  • Shining Fusion: Fusion destroys his opponent using light emitted from his body.
  • Showering Blizzard: Fusion seals the enemy away in a wall of ice at absolute zero, fired as as a jet of extremely cold water ala the Ultra Shower.
  • Fusion Wave: An energy wave that heals people and/or frees them from dark spells.
  • Reflection Barrier: A barrier that reflects energy attacks.
  • Discerning Sight: A special beam from his eyes that reveals invisible targets, and can destroy most energy barriers.

Photon Victorium
Ultraman orb photon victorium render by zer0stylinx-db20u3p

Fusion's strength-based form, used against physically strong or durable opponents. It combines the power of Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Victory.


  • Gauntlets: Fusion hands are covered with giant gauntlets, greatly enhancing his strength.
    • Ground Vibration: By pounding both fists onto the ground, Fusion can summon a series of ground pillars before a larger one appears and launches the opponent into the air. This attack is analogous to Victory's Flame Road via the EX Red King Knuckle.
    • Photorium Knuckle (フォトリウムナックル Fotoriumu Nakkuru?): Fusion charges himself with red energy before punching the opponent with his right gauntlet. This attack is analogous to Gaia's Gaia (V2) Punch.
    • Photorium Shoot (フォトリウムシュート Fotoriumu Shūto?): Fusion thrusts his arms into the air, each creating a yellow energy construct that forms into a "V", before, charging both arms with energy, the Victorium crystals on his body glowing in the process, and firing a rather large beam by Ultra standards in the "L" position.
    • Photorium Arm Break (フォトリウムアームブレイク Fotoriumu Āmu Bureiku?): Summoning energy blades from his gauntlets, one resembling the Knight Timbre and the other the Shepardon Saber, Fusion performs a similar attack to the Knight Victorium Break, albeit more powerful, able to utterly destroy opponents.


Sky Dash Max
Sky Dash Max

Fusion's speed-based form, in which he becomes incredibly fast. It combines the power of Ultraman Max and Ultraman Tiga, Specifically channeling his Sky Type form.



  • Bracers: Fusion dons a pair of bracers which resemble the Max Spark, with Maxium Sword-like protrusions on his arms.
    • Macbalt Attack (マクバルトアタック Makubaruto Atakku?): Fusion charges his left bracer with lightning by raising his left hand before he launches it towards the enemy with his right hand. The attack's name and formation are analogous to both Tiga's Ranbalt Light Bullet and Max's Maxium Cannon and can be fired as a projectile or a stream.
      • Macbalt Attack Type B: A more beam-like version of the attack.
      • Mirage Rush Finisher (ミラージュラッシュフィ二シャー Mirāju Rasshu Finishā?): Fusion rushes the enemy with impressive speed, going so fast he creates multiple copies of himself, usually confusing the enemy, before attacking from all sides (via the numerous copies) with the Macbalt Attack, usually Type B.
  • Dash Max Kick (ダッシュマックスキック Dasshu Makkusu Kikku?): Fusion flies around an enemy in circles, disorienting them, before flying high up into the air at impressive speeds, going out of eyeshot, before coming back down and slamming the enemy with a powerful kick. It can also be used as a standard jumping kick attack, though is less powerful when uses as such.
  • Freezing Wave: An attack analogous to the Tiga Freezer and Max's Icing Wave, and used almost identically to the latter.
  • Sky Dash Max Barrier: A standard energy barrier.
  • Sky Dash Typhoon: Fusion flies around an enemy so quickly a large tornado is created which they are sucked into.
  • Healing Ability: Fusion can heal from any but the most grievous of wounds within a matter of seconds in this form.
  • Sky Comet Dash: Fusion dashes incredibly quickly at the enemy and delivers a foreful punch.
  • Purifying Beam: A wave of energy identical to the attack of the same name used by Max.


Full Moon Xanadium
Ultraman orb full moon xanadium by zer0stylinx-db20slv

Fusion's pacifistic form, based around calming his enemies rather than direct combat. It combines the power of Ultraman X and Ultraman Cosmos.


  • Fulldium Ray (フルディウム光線 Furudiumu Kōsen?): Fusion charges a wave of light through both of his palms in a similar manner to the Full Moon Rect before performing a stance similar to the Xanadium Ray and launching a stream of energy with his left palm.
    • Fulldium Slash: A projectile-based version of the above attack.
  • Purify Lect (プュリファイレクト Purifai Rekuto?): Fusion releases a wave of energy resembling both Cosmos's Full Moon Rect and X's Purifying Wave that can calm Kaiju or force them out of corrupted forms.
  • Strike X Slash (ストライクXスラッシュ Sutoraiku Ekkusu Surasshu?): An attack greatly similar to the X Slash.
    • Strike Double Slash: a variant of the above attack in which Fusion fires two projectiles.
  • Full Moon Barrier Dome: A variation of X's barrier dome, this time assuming a complete spherical shape to better protect an entire area. It can also be used to wrap around enemies similar to Cosmos's Moon Reverspike.
  • Miracle X Realize: Fusion can emit a soft light to repair destroyed buildings or machinery.
  • MonsArmor: Fusion can assume X's MonsArmors in this form.


Leo Zero Knuckle

Fusion's form centered around martial arts combat. It combines the power of Ultraman Leo and Ultraman Zero.


  • Judo: Fusion becomes incredibly proficient in judo martial arts in this form, as Ultraman Leo is. He typically charges flaming energy into his blows.
  • Knuckle Cross Beam (ナックルクロスビーム Nakkuru Kurosu Bīmu?): Fusion first attacks the opponents with his bare fists before firing a beam from his forehead. This attack is analogous to Leo's Leo Cross Beam and Zero's Emerium Slash.
    • Leo Zero Slash: Fusion charges his hand and fires a spherical energy projectile from his clenched fist.
  • Leo Zero Big Bang (レオゼロビッグバン Reo Zero Biggu Ban?): Similarly to the attack used by Zero, albeit augmented by Leo's energies, Fusion covers his hand with fiery energy and performs a chopping attack, powerful enough to knock an enemy back with sheer force and destroy some weaponry.
  • Leo Zero Spin Kick (レオゼロスピンキック Reo Zero Supin Kikku?): Fusion spins in the air before coming down upon his enemy with his own variant of the Leo Zero Kick, used by himself but having the same power as the combination attack.
  • Blaze Blast Ball (ブレイズブラストボール Bureizu Burasuto Bōru?): Fusion can emit a powerful green and red energy ball from his jointed hands, similar to Ultraman Leo's Energy Light Ball but channeling Zero's energy.
  • Leo-Zero Double Flasher: Fusion's finisher in this form, in which Fusion puts his hands together and fires a variant of Leo and Zero's combination attack, just as powerful as the original.


Slugger Ace
Ultraman Orb Slugger Ace-0

Fusion's form based around melee combat and slashing attacks. It combines the power of Ultraman Ace and Ultraseven.


  • Vertical Slugger (バーチカルスラッガー Bāchikaru Suraggā?): Fusion's main weapon, which is a giant sword in a similar shape to an Eye Slugger. It is analogous to Seven's Eye Slugger and the firing effect of Ace's Ultra Guillotine. It may also be based upon the Ace Blade.
    • Slugger Ace Slicer (スラッガーエーススライサー Suraggā Ēsu Suraisā?): Orb spins at a crazy speed and quickly slices the opponent with his Vertical Slugger.
    • Slugger Guillotine: Fusion slashes with the weapon and a variation of the Ultra Guillotine is fired from the weapon.
    • Vertical Slugger Throw: The weapon can still be thrown like a normal Eye Slugger, albeit on a massive scale, and controlled by Fusion telekinetically.
  • Slugger Ace Cutter (スラッガーエースカッター Suraggā Ēsu Kattā?): Fusion crosses his arms and fires a large cutter attack similar to Ace's Palm Cutter. He can do this singularly, in which the size of the projectile is similar to Ace's Cutter, or with the Vertical Slugger, which augments the maneuver.
  • Emerium Puncher: Fusion crosses his arms to his crest similar to Seven or Ace and fires a blue/green attack from his large forehead crystal/Beam Lamp. It is a combination of Seven's Emerium Ray and Ace's Punch Laser.
  • Widallium Ray: Fusion's beam attack in this form, fired when he crosses his arms into the "L" position and fires a multicolored beam much like Ace's Metallim Ray, albeit having a more golden hue to it, similar to Seven's Wide Shot.
  • Ultra Barrier: Fusion can erect an energy barrier just as both Seven and Ace can.
  • Spiral Laser Special: A combination of the Ultra-Spiral Beam and the Punch Laser Special, fired from Fusion's joined hands.
  • Ryu Q: Fusion channels energy through his crest and protectors, and fires a powerful energy bomb, multicolored like Ace's Space Q and having a trail of energy similar to Seven's Ryu Shoot. It is powerful enough to destroy strong opponents in a single strike.
  • Medical Beams: beams from Fusion's eyes similar to Ace's Medical Power and Seven's Eye Beams, which can either heal allies or harm foes. When using the latter ability, it is not very powerful.


Storium Galaxy
LightningSlugger Storium Galaxy

Fusion's form multi-purpose combat form. It combines the power of Ultraman Max and Ultraman Taro.


  • Stoxium Cannon (ストキシウムカノン Sutokishiumu Kanon?): Fusion gathers light in his hand from his Color Timer, then raises his hand and gathers more light, which charges energy throughout his entire body before he fires a beam. The technique's name and formation is analogous to Taro's Storium Ray and Max's Maxium Cannon.
  • Stoxium Dynamite (ストキシウムダイナマイト Sutokishiumu Dainamaito?): Fusion ignites his entire body, coating himself in flames, before ramming into an enemy and exploding with highly destructive force. This attack greatly weakens Fusion as he is forced to reform his body after using it.
  • Stoxium Typhoon (ストキシウムタイフーン Sutokishiumu Taifūn?): Fusion generates a gigantic tornado which then becomes coated in flames, which can immensely damage an opponent.
  • Stoxium Slash: Fusion fires a projectile attack made of the same Stoxium energy used in his beam attack.
  • Maxium Sword: Fusion retains Max's crest weapon in this form.
    • Sword Slash (ソードスラッシュ Sōdo Surasshu?): A slash attack, Fusion jumps and slices the enemy in half.
    • Maxium Sword Multi-Shot (マクシウムソード分身シュート Makushiumu Sōdo Bunshin Shūto?): Fusion can cause his Maxium Sword to multiply into a flock of blades decimating an opponent. He can make even more of these blades using the Ultra Horns gained in his form, which create multiple disembodied copies of themselves that turn into more Maximum Swords.
  • Flying Swallow Kick: Fusion deals a powerful flying kick to his opponent. It is analogous to Max's Flying Kick and Taro's Swallow Kick.
  • Ultra Psychokinenis: Like Taro, Fusion can use this ability.
  • Multiply Split: Fusion can split into two or more copies.
  • Blue Laser: Like Taro, Fusion can fire a beam of energy from his horns.
  • Max Taro Barrier: Fusion can summon a blue and gold Ultra Barrier to defend himself.


Mebium Especially
Ultraman Orb Mebium Especially

Fusion's energy manipulation and sword combat-based form. It combines the power of Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Ginga.


  • Arm Blade: Like Mebius and Ginga, Fusion can generate an arm blade via the arm crystal. It is analogous to the Mebium Blade and Ginga Saber. Fusion can even summon two of these blades, one glowing gold in color like Mebius's sword and his arm crystal glowing the same color.
  • Rainbow-colored Light Swords: Fusion is capable of generating multitude swords, which are rainbow colored, similar to Ginga's Ginga Especially. He can either used them as melee weapons or flying drones.
    • Mebiuspecially Blade (メビュースペシャリーブレード Mebyūsupesharī Burēdo?): Fusion conjures several crystal swords which float mid-air and shoot a target with beams. The blades then come together and form a large energy blade, which Fusion then uses to slice the opponent.
  • Mebium Cross Shoot: Fusion's beam attack in this form, which can either be fired in the "+" position or the variant "L" position used by Ginga. It is golden, blue, and green in color.
  • Fireball Burst: Fusion performs an attack similar to Mebius's Mebium Burst, but the attack also shoots out several smaller fireballs analogous to Ginga's Ginga Fireball.
  • Mebiuspecially Burst: Fusion unleashes a wave of rainbow-colored energy from his entire body similar to the Ginga Especially, which is coated in flames similar to the Mebium Burst.
  • Mebiuspecially Dynamite: Fusion ignites himself in rainbow-colored flames, before charging an enemy and unleashing the prismatic energy upon them, in a fiery explosion that also sends out energy directly from Fusion's body akin to the Ginga Especially, utterly devastating the foe.
  • Lightning Fireball Counter: Fusion's arm glows with golden/orange energy and he delivers a one-handed energy blast accompanied by multiple fireballs.
    • Lightning Fireball Counter Zero: Fusion lights his lower arm ablaze and performs a move similar to Mebius's Lightning Counter Zero, however upon contact with the enemy, not only does it deal a critical blow, but also shoots out fireballs, which fly through the enemy due to the proximity, destroying them.
  • Mebius-Ginga Slash: Fusion's head crystal glows a golden color and fires multiple arrow-shaped projectiles at the enemy akin to the Mebium Slash, before glowing purple and firing an attack akin to the Ginga Slash, which connects to the Mebium Slash projectiles and forms them into a giant arrow which tips off the attack.
  • Sunshine Counter: Fusion crosses his hands and fires an enhanced Ginga Sunshine attack, which bears some resemblance to Mebius's Lightning Counter.
  • Mebius-Ginga Hyper Punch: Fusion delivers a punch to a foe powerful enough to knock them back.


Breastar Knight
Ultraman Orb Breaster Knight

A form which grants Fusion greater swiftness, though not to the extent of the super-speed of Sky Dash Max, and enhanced combat ability. It combines the power of Ultraman Hikari and Zoffy.


  • Knight 87 Light Blade: Based on Hikari's Knight Beam Blade and Zoffy's M87 Light Sword, Fusion can conjure an energy blade on his right arm for use in combat. This can be done similarly to Hikari's blade or in the M87 Ray position, akin to the M87 Light Sword.
    • Z Blade Shoot (Zブレードシュート Zetto Burēdo Shūto?): Fusion channels blue energy through his blade and fires an attack similar to Zoffy's Z-Ray from it.
  • Knight 87 Shoot (ナイト87シュート Naito Hachi-ju Nana Shūto?): Fusion's finisher attack in this form, which is charged like Hikari's Knight Shoot but fired like Zoffy's M87, albeit with the arm positions reversed. The beam is blue and golden in color.
    • Enhanced Knight 87 Shoot: An upgraded version of the same beam, which is now made of multicolored energy akin to the Enhanced Knight Shoot and the M87 Ray Type-B.
  • Ultra Slash: Gained from Zoffy, Fusion can use this ability.
  • Knight Frost (ナイトフロスト Naito Furosuto?): An ability very similar to Zoffy's Ultra Frost.
  • Restorative Transfer: Like Zoffy or Hikari, Fusion can transfer energy to allies which replenishes their strength.
  • Hot Road Way: Fusion pushes his arms towards the sky and fires a beam of light similar to Hikari's Hot Road Flash, which then summons a spiraling portal akin to the Ultra Twinkle Way, which is typically massive in size, allowing Fusion to retreat from battle if need be, or send allies through to safety.


Knight Liquidator
Knight Liquidator-0

Fusion's form based on sword combat. It combines the power of Ultraman Hikari and Ultraman Agul.


  • Knight Agul Blade (ナイトアグルブレード Naito Aguru Burēdo?): Fusion can generate a pair of energy swords from both of the braces on his arms. These blades are analogous to both the Agul Saber and the Knight Blade.
    • Blade Beam: Fusion performs a sweeping motion with either of the energy blades and a wave of energy is shot forth from it. It can harm enemies and even shed aliens of their disguises.
  • Crusher Knight Liquidator (クラッシャーナイトリキデイター Kurasshā Naito Rikideitā?): After charging the attack similarly to the Photon Crusher, Fusion releases a line of blue energy arrows from his Light Crystal.
  • Knight Stream: Fusion's beam attack in this form, which can be used either with one harm like the Agul Stream, or by his interlocking hands like the Knight Shoot. It is a medium bluish purple color, duller than the blue of the Knight Shoot but brighter than the Agul Stream.
  • Blade Slash: Fusion fires off a long energy slash primarily resembling the Agul Slash from either of the bracers on his arm, which can cut straight through a foe.
  • Blade Kick: Fusion performs a move similar to the Agul(V2) Kick, albeit with the energy surrounding his leg coalescing into a sword-like shape.
  • Reflector Barrier: A spherical Ultra Barrier akin to Agul's which can deflect enemy attacks similar to Hikari's own ability to do so.

Thunder Miracle
Thunder Miracle

Fusion's berserk form, which greatly increases his strength at the cost of self-control. It combines the power of Ultraman Dyna, channeling his Miracle-Type form, and Ultraman Belial.


  • Thunder Miracle Attack (サンダーミラクルアタック Sandā Mirakuru Atakku?): A super-strong arial punch attack imbued with dark energies, capable of devastating foes after one use due to the sheer force of it. This attack is analogous to Dyna Miracle Type's Miracle Rocket Attack and Belial's inherent dark energies
  • Devolium Wave (デボリウムウェーブ Deboriumu Uēbu?): This form's primary beam attack, combining the Revolium Wave and Belial's Deathcium Ray. It is fired in the same position as the Revolium Ray, however is darker in coloration and has crackling black lightning surrounding it.
    • Devolium Wave Reverse Type: Fusion absorbs the enemy's attack through a somewhat smaller energy shield, some of the energy also entering Fusion's body through his eyes, akin to Belial's transformation into Arch Belial, before sending the attack back with twice as much force and destroying his foe.
  • Thunder Miracle Magic (サンダーミラクルマジック Sandā Mirakuru Majikku?): Fusion creates three copies of himself which attack the enemy, unfortunately they are difficult to control and just lash out at the enemy for a short period of time before dissipating.
  • Fusion gains herculean levels of strength along with impressively enhanced speed in this form, a terrifying thought due to his constant struggling against Belial to remain in the driver's seat.
  • Beam Ripper: An attack similar to Dyna's Beam Slicer and fired in the same position, albeit imbued with dark energies. It rips through the enemy upon contact, akin to the Kaiser Belial Ripper.
  • Thunder Miracle Spinning Kick: Fusion leaps into the air and performs a spinning motion before dealing a powerful kick to his foe.
  • Energy Punch: Fusion can enhance his physical attacks with dark energy.
  • Energy Lightning: Fusion can fire an attack similar to the Energy Beam used by Dyna, but with Deathcium energy surrounding it, either in the same position as Dyna's Energy Beam or with a single hand.


Thunder Stream

Fusion's form gained once managing to attain control over Belial's power, combining said power with that of Ultraman Agul.


  • Giga Trident (ギガトライデント Giga Toraidento?): Thunder Stream's main weapon, analogous to the Trident of Poseidon, befitting Agul's water connections, and Belial's Giga Battle Nizer. It can be used for melee combat or to perform a variety of attacks.
    • Thunder Stream Neptune (サンダーストリームネプチューン Sandā Sutorīmu Nepuchūn?): Fusion charges up energy in the Giga Trident and unleashes a bolt of water-like energy with electricity at the opponent. The technique could possibly be analogous to Agul's Agul Stream and Belial's Belial Geno Thunder.
    • Deathsycthe Crusher: Fusion charges the energies of both his Light Crystal, similar to Agul's Photon Crusher, and the Giga Trident, similar to the Belial Deathsycthe, unleashing the latter attack from said Trident before firing a Photon Crusher equivalent which connects with the projectile and strengthens the attack's power.
    • Limited Monsload: Like Belial, Fusion can summon Kaiju, though not the famed 100 Monster Army Belial was capable of.
    • Poseidon Whip: An ability similar to the Belial Whip, albeit darker blue in color.
    • Poseidon Shot: Fusion points the trident and cocks it like a shot gun, before firing off three energy projectiles.
    • Beam Reverse: Like Belial with his Battlenizer, Fusion can reverse enemy attacks using the trident.
    • Trident Saber: Fusion summons three copy Agul Sabers at the end of each blade of the Trident, increasing it's range and power. These can be combined into a giant singular blade as well.
    • Dark Slash Ball: Fusion fires a replication of the Agul Slash with one hand, and then a dark fireball from the Trident, which combine into a single attack.
  • Lightning Slash: Fusion can fire an attack similar to the Agul Slash, but coated in the red and black energy of Deathcium.
  • Photoncium Ray: Fusion's main beam attack in this form, fired in the "L" position as opposed to either Belial or Agul's beam poses.

Zeperion Solgent


Power Strong

A fusion of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna.


  • Same as the Orb form of the same name.



Specium Breastar

A fusion of Ultraman and Zoffy.


  • M78 Specium Ray 
  • Ultra Slash 
  • Flight
  • Travel Sphere
  • Standard Ultra powers
  • Ultra Shower 
  • Ultra Rings 
  • Ultra Barrier 

Ginga Victory Knight

A fusion of Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, and Ultraman Hikari


  • Ginga Knight Victorium Breaker 
  • Ultrans
  • Ginga Victory Knight Thunderbolt
  • Knight Victorium Cross Shoot
  • Darkness Sealing Fireball
  • Hyper Zetton-Shepardon  Saber 
  • Revive 
  • Knight Timbre (cauze why not) 

Phoenix Infinity

A fusion of Mebius Infinity and Mebius Phoenix Brave, themselves fusions of Mebius and the Ultra Brothers (Infinity) and Mebius, Hikari, and the GUYS team (Phoenix Brave).


  • Mebium Knight Infinity Shoot 
  • Ace Mebium Knight Blade 
  • etc etc all the other combo attacks. 

Specium Specium

A fusion of Ultraman (Hayata) and Ultraman (Shinjiro).


  • Same as Ultraman
  • The arm blade thingys on the Ultra suits arms
  • Specium Specium Ray.  

Flaming Might

A fusion of Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Taro, Glenfire, Ultraman Leo, and Astra


  • Stobium Fire Dynamite
  • Dynamite Kick
  • Stobium Fire Shoot 
  • Quintuple Flasher   
  • Stobium Fire Burst  

Red Justice

A fusion of Ultraman Justice and Redman.


  • Arrow Smash
  • Victorium Thunder Ray.
  • Red Knife
  • Cloning   


Fusion of Orb, Card and Fusion.

Basically Fusion Origin but three times more powerful.


  • Same as Fusion Origin but 3 times more powerful.

Form Submitted by Gren

Ultra Hero

A fusion of every single official good Ultra.


  • Ultra Hero Beam. An extremely powerful multicolored beam fired in the "L" position, it can kill pretty much any opponent
  • Light Blade. This form can create a powerful blade of energy that can cut through almost all materials.
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Omnipotence. This form due to it's sheer power can sense any manner of danger or evil throughout the entire multiverse, as well as peer into the minds of every living being.
  • Telepathy
  • Speed. This form can fly at lightspeed.
  • Strength. This form is strong enough to be able to lift pretty much anything. In Ultra Hero form, Fusion's punches and kicks can send enemies flying or even outright kill them.
  • Healing Ray. This form can send out a wave of light that can heal and sometimes power up beings.
  • Light Blast. This form can release a powerful and blinding blast of light energy that harms evil beings but makes those with good hearts stronger.
  • Astral Projection.
  • Hero Shoot. A blast of energy from this form's hand/fist. It serves as a weaker finisher compared to the Ultra Hero Beam, but is still powerful enough to kill most enemies in one shot.

Reionyx Beast

A fusion of Gomora, Eleking, and Litra.

Abilities/body features

  • Horn 
  • Eleking's ears mixed with those things on the side of Gomora's head.
  • Wings
  • Electric Osslitory ray
  • Mix of Eelking and Gomora's tails
  • Electric Fire Wave Disc
  • Flight
  • Fire/Reionyx burst form.
  • Electrocution

Oh Salt Snail-Pi

A fusion of Oh Pi and Salt Snail.


  • Same as Oh Pi and Salt Snail because I'm lazy.

Fusion submitted by Scoobydooman90001


A fusion of tyrantdonus and tozirra.


  • getting deleted.

Fusion submitted by FlurrtheGamerMixel

Rules for submitting forms

  • Forms MUST include the following:
    • Name. Duh.
    • List the Ultras/Kaiju involved
    • Fusions must include TsuPro characters or Kaiju and Ultras on this wiki. If you use a fan character you MUST ask permission from the creator. Since this is my page, use of my Kaiju in fusions are fair game and you don't need permission.
    • Abilities/techniques. Optional.
    • All fusions using solely Dark Ultras (lacking a component good Ultra) will be added to the Jugurus Jeggler when it is created, and I would prefer you submit such fusions there. Most Kaiju fusions will be used as their own character and a monster of the week for Fusion to fight.
    • Do not bug me about your form getting added.
    • Kaiju fusions for this page must include good or neutral Kaiju.
      • This may include Fan Kaiju, but you must be the creator of both Kaiju involved or have the permission of the creator of another Kaiju involved.
    • Storyline about how the form was obtained. Optional.
    • Other heroes or beings similar to Ultras are allowed. For example, Redman,Mirror Knight, etc.
      • This is not limited to characters owned by Tsuburaya Productions, heroes like Zone Fighter and Spectreman are indeed allowed.
      • However if I know nothing about them whatsoever I will not add fusions involving them i.e: Megaloman.
      • No Kamen Riders.


  • Although this will be apparent to any veteran Ultra Fan, this character is based on Ultraman Card over on Ultra-Fan wiki.
  • He is also an obvious parody of Ultraman Orb.
  • Ultraman Fusion is the first fan submission page on this wiki.    
  • Ultraman Fusion currently has the most forms of any character on this wiki. And he'll only gain more when people actually start submitting.