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The Meme Squad is a group of kaiju that are all based off of outdated online memes. such as Pepe the Frog, Troll Face, Expand Dong, Shrek and Lazy Town.

Meme Squad V4

Group photo


Being Good

In their first appearance, the Meme Squad wanted to give online memes a good reputation once again. Attempting to be good, the Meme Squad tried to help people in need. However, this failed so they decided to get their reputation back with force. They were confronted by the Council of Creators and got into a giant fight. They were quickly defeated and returned to their own universe.

Alliance with the Poop Squad

After failing to redeem the reputation of memes everywhere, Pepezilla met Hidly. Forming an alliance with the Poop Squad, the two squads began destroying the city. They managed to get the attention of the Council of Creators, who got into a fight with them both. However, the two squads soon turned on each other and got into a large fight. The battle ended with a tie and the alliance came to an end.

The Cataclysm

The Meme Squad was planning their return in Universe 69 when some horrible cataclysm befell their universe. Void Gas and The Wormhole Maker had engaged in a contest of their powers, and it was tearing several universes apart. Universe 69 was one of these universes, being destroyed after the Female Humanized Kaiju universe was completely obliterated. However, before being consumed or destroyed with the rest of their universe, The Meme Squad fell into one of many wormholes that had begun randomly appearing in Universe 69, most likely the result of the titanic battle between Void Gas and The Wormhole Maker. They ended up in Universe 1602, where they currently reside. The members of the Meme Squad took this surprisingly well, and soon began new lives in this universe.




  • Keemosaur was originally going to be a member of the Meme Squad but was kept out so that the Poop Squad would not be too outnumbered.
  • The individual member's history sections regarding COC will not be updated because we're to lazy. All information on their Universe 69/1602 incarnations will be featured on this page.

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