Super Super Godzilla is a game released by Nintendo on the Super Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Super Super Godzilla plays similar to the original Super Godzilla, though there are several improvements. For one thing, the game now plays more like an RPG, making actual use of the turnbase system, rather than having the enemy monster being able to attack you at any time. Also, you are no longer hurt by little things like crashing into buildings and the military. The enemies in the game include varying sizes of UFOs, as well as clones of Zilla.


Aliens have invaded the earth (again). The GDF sends out Mecha T-Rex, but he is quickly destroyed. The aliens then place a forcefield Monster Island, preventing any of the earth's monsters from coming to the planet's defense. Luckily, Godzilla wasn't on monster island at the time, and via assistance from a local telepath, the GDF manages to recruit Godzilla to aid them. Godzilla battles through the hordes of monsters, before fighting the Alien's Ultimate weapon, Ultimate Bagan. Along the way, Godzilla turns into Super Super Godzilla, and uses this power, with aid from the Super X 4 and Mothra, defeats Ultimate Bagan. The Alien mothership is then destroyed, and the forcefield on Monster Island lifted. Godzilla then returns home to brag about his recent victory.



  • This game was given generally positive reviews in the fandom, but since it was a Godzilla game, all the other critics hated it


  • This is technically the second game in the T-Rex series after T-Rex Adventure, due to the appearance of Mecha T-Rex. Plus, the original T-Rex makes a short cameo on Monster Island.
  • Much like T-Rex Adventure, after the game's release, events strikingly similar happened in the real world of universe 986.
  • The game features completely new forms of all of it's kaiju. Ones that I'll have to make pages for eventually.
  • The game is arguably a parody of the Fan Game, Super Godzilla Returns.