Super King Ghidorah is an upgraded form of King Ghidorah created by Aliens to help them take over the world.



King Ghidorah had been flying around the depths of space, sulking after his most recent defeat by Godzilla. While flying around. He stopped at a Space Taco Bell for a bite or three, but the restaurant was actually run by a group of aliens who proceeded to abduct the Three-Headed Monster, forcefully experimenting on him and transforming him into the more powerful Super King Ghidorah.

Super Super Godzilla (SSNES Game)

Super King Ghidorah first appeared in Osaka, where he destroyed some stuff. He was responsible for defeating Mecha T-Rex when the GDF tried to use the robot to stop the Aliens. Super King Ghidorah would later battle Godzilla, and prove himself to be a formidable opponent. However, Godzilla managed to defeat him when he remembered that he had a Red Spiral Beam, and after a few blasts, Super King Ghidorah was defeated. Following his defeat, he was teleported away by the aliens, who intended to turn him into a cyborg. However King Ghidorah disliked this idea, and broke out of the aliens' ship, later becoming the swag master Gangsta Ghidorah.


  • Nova Gravity Beams
  • Flight
  • Lighting fired from his wings (ala Grand King Ghidorah)
  • Navel Beam
  • Energy projectiles fired from his tails


  • Super King Ghidorah's original
    Super King Ghidorah

    Super King Ghidorah's original, much cringier, design.

    design was inspired by Ultimate Godzilla. His second, is based on me haphazardly throwing something together to replace the fist design.
  • Super King Ghidorah was the first boss the player encounters in the SSNES Game, and thus the first to receive a page.
  • The concept of Super King Ghidorah was inspired by Super Bagan, and the basic principle of "Well, if Godzilla's going to have a new form, might as well have Super versions of everyone else to even things out"
  • Super King Ghidorah is my first Ghidorah variant.
  • If anyone wants to redesign him, they totally can. This is probably the cringiest Kaiju I've ever made image-wise. The second design only slighty helps.
  • Despite being from Universe 986, King Ghidorah has never met T-Rex in this form. He did however, once battle him in normal form.