Super Biollante is an upgraded form of Biollante used by Aliens to help them take over the world.


Super Biollante looks like the Normal Biollante, but with a purple head crest and extra potruding spikes.


Super Super Godzilla (SSNES Game)

Super Biollante was unleashed by the Aliens on Lake Ashino, where she reeked havoc. The GDF's defenses were no macth for her. The Super X 2 was sent out, but was quickly defeated. Luckily for them, Godzilla arrived and challenged Super Biollante. The two engaged in combat, and Super Biollante proved much more formidable than the normal Biollante. But, was helpless when Godzilla blasted her in the chest/heart looking thing a couple times, destroying Super Biollante. After her death, the humans guiding Godzilla to each area mourned the creature, as it had once been human as well. Even Godzilla paid his respects.

The Return of Lady T-Rex

When Lady T-Rex returned to Monster Island, she found Super Biollante attempting to seduce T-Rex. It turns out. Lady T-Rex attacked and Super Biollante revealed that her plan was actually to eat T-Rex. As such, T-Rex, Lady T-Rex, and T-Rex Jr joined forces and defeated Super Biollante.

T-Rex: Final Final Wars: Giant Clusterf*** All Out Attack!

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  • Nova Sap
  • Atomic Breath
  • Energy projectiles fired from the mouths of Her tentacles
  • Tentacles (ewwwwww)
  • Navel Beam


  • The coloration of Super Biollante's head crest was meant to be the inverse of Super Godzilla. While Super Godzilla's body was mostly purple, with a green crest, Biollante's body is mostly green, now with a purple crest. The extra spikes were inspired by Super Super Godzilla
  • Like Super King Ghidorah, Super Biollante was based on the idea that if Godzilla was going to get even more powerful, so should the other monsters.
  • Super Biollante's death scene, as well as the in-game reaction to here death, is a reference to Biollante's original film, and her sympathetic origin.
  • With said death scene in mind, this is the closest I've come to making a Kaiju that isn't a parody.
  • Super Biollante's Atomic Breath is actually green. This was inpsired by the beam fired by the Super X 2's fire mirror. Coincidentally, both Biollante and the Super X 2 appeared in the same film.
  • That is also why the Super X 2 fights Biollante.
  • Super Biollante's Red eyes are inspired by a common trope in fan art of Biollante, where she is given red eyes, despite never having them in any official media.
  • Super Biollante is my first Female Kaiju.