Shryouriu is a tentacle kaiju created by BigRandomKaiju.


Shryouriu resembles a long, white squid tentacle with two smaller ones branching off of it. It's underneath (technically front) is light grayish-brown in color with sever red and black suction cups. It's face is also located on this part of it's body, being black with white features.


After being floating in space for billions of years it crashed on earth where it started to consume everything's souls. RA HQ made an all out assault by using multiple remote controlled RA Troopers, but they were sucked in by Shryouriu's suction cups. After RA's assault failed Ultraman Shu and Tefnut appeared, but their souls were quickly sucked in by Shryouriu's mouth. Atum soon appeared seeing his children dead. Because of this, Shryouriu makes Atum go berserk making him use all of his powers, nearly depleting all of his energy and making his Color Timer start to blink. Atum and Shryouriu's fight continues, and Shryouriu wounds Atum with his Tentacles, making his Color Timer stop blinking, turning Atum into an hieroglyph. After a flashback of him searching for his children using the eye of Ra, Atum transform into Ultraman Atum Eye of Ra. Atum used his Powered Pillar blade to cut Shryouriu's tentacles. By using his Hieroglyph Beam he froze Shryouriu for 30 seconds, and used the time to chop off several parts of Shryouriu's body. But when Shryouriu thawed out he tried to consume Earth and all life on it, but Atum sacrificed himself to kill Shryouriu by using his Ra's Falcon Supernova.


  • Size: Shryouriu is 50.000 meters tall;
  • Suction Cups: Shryouriu's suction cups are more like portals to another dimensions, that can reach to the power of an black hole if wanted, but it can also suck himself making it an weakness;
  • Tentacles: Shryouriu's tentacles are used like scythes;
  • Mouth Eye: Shryouriu's mouth eye is used to consume souls of living creatures, that can easily kill an Ultra seen by him consuming Shu and Tefnut's souls in mere seconds.


  • Shryouriu is based on Lovecraftian monsters, most notably Cthulhu;
  • Shryouriu original name was Anubis;
  • Was the last kaiju that fought Atum that the name wasn't inspired by an album or song.