Seatopia Rising is the fifth episode of Shin Minilla: Hero of Japan. It was written by Scoobydooman90001. It is the first of a two-part story, the first of its kind for this series.


"For many years, we have advanced as a species" shouted Dr. Malik, a scientist who was giving a presentation at what appeared to be a scientific conference. "However, we have appeared to have stagnated in recent years, and worse yet, are now facing such problems as that of a renewable energy source! While I hand out to my respect to those working so hard to give us just that, I come here today to present to you the wonders of genetic engineering!" He walked over to a table with something on it, hidden under a black cloth. "No more do we have to keep pushing the boundaries to find a way to survive. With genetic engineering, you can manufacture just about anything, from vegetables, and fruit, to animals, and you can even create... Hybrids!" he shouted, pulling back the cloth to reveal a sickly lion with two mismatching wings. The scientists in the crowd gasped in disgust at the abomination. "Now, I assure you! This is just, uh, a prototype!" he shouted. "But genetic engineering is well and truly the future, for with it, you can make just about anything..." The lion tried to stand up, wobbling in pain. It gave a weak roar and collapsed dead, drooling down the side of the table.

Everyone in the room began laughing. Dr. Malik's work was an absolute catastrophe and he had failed to convince them the wonders of genetic engineering.

After everyone had finally stopped laughing, the Head of the Institute stood up. "Malik..." he said, trying to be polite as possible. "How do I say this?" he asked. "Your work... It isn't... good... We just can not fund this when time and time again you fail to show us anything absolutely ground breaking. But then again, we wouldn't fund this travesty anyways. Your work is unethical, Malik." He looked around at everyone around him and then at the dead lion creature. "Maybe... Maybe you should take some time off" he whispered, patting Malik on the back and exiting through a staff-only door.

Malik looked at everyone around him and frowned. Absolutely angry, he quietly left the room, not even bothering to take his dead flying lion back with him. What would be the point? He stood out of the door and deeply sighed. "Imbeciles..." he whispered to himself, clenching his fists. "Not ground breaking? Not good? They wouldn't know either of those things if it came along and slapped them in the face!" he shouted, before quickly hushing himself and trying to keep his voice down. "No..." he said. "I'll show them..." He walked out of the main doors, briefcase in hand. "I'll show them all..."

Elsewhere, Shin Minilla was fighting an upright shark kaiju named Zigra. The battle had started a few minutes ago, and it seemed like Shin Minilla had the upper hand. Zigra fired his paralyzing beam at Shin Minilla, who took it straight to the chest but only just managed to resist it. He quickly fired a green atomic beam at Zigra's feet, sending him falling to the ground. He coughed, looking at the green atomic vapour floating in front of him.

"I really hope that fixes itself at some point", commenting on his weird defect. Zigra quickly began flapping his wings, lifting above the air and directly into Shin Minilla, pushing him over. Shin Minilla quickly retaliated by firing a tail beam at him, but Zigra continued flying away. Shin Minilla fired one more beam, this time from his mouth, but missed.

"You let that punk get away!" shouted his tail in disappointment. Now flying above the ocean, Zigra dropped down into the water and began swimming away. Shin Minilla watched as Zigra disappeared from view, but noticed some strange markings on his back.

"Huh..." said Shin Minilla to himself. "That's interesting..." He suddenly twitched as the remainder of the paralysis beam dissipated within his throat. He coughed up a purple cloud of atomic vapour and breathed in relief. "Guess that sorted that then" he said, happy his defect was seemingly gone at last. From now on, it'd just be purple atomic beams, as it was meant to be.

Later that night, Dr. Malik was just getting into bed. He was still really worked up over the fiasco from earlier, but decided that a good night's rest would help him calm down. He took a sip from his drink and despite not having a significant other, specifically climbed into one side of his double-sized bed that had been built for two. Who knows, maybe he was planning his future ahead of time. He closed his eyes and attempted to get some sleep.

"Malik..." echoed an eerie voice. "Malik..." the voice repeated. He still kept his eyes closed. "Malik!" it shouted, suddenly becoming a lot harsher in tone. Scared, he rose upwards and looked around his room, panting heavily.

"Who... Who's there?" he asked, trying to see if anything was stood behind his door.

"Nobody..." the voice said. "We are communicating telepathically" it explained. "Telepathy? What nonsense" scoffed Malik, lying back down in his bed. "It is true... We are not trying to deceive you... I am Serax, leader of Seatopia..." it said, trying to get through to him. "We are aware of your failed efforts to convince the institute of your worth.. We can help..." it offered. Malik opened his eyes.

"How?" he asked, going along with what the voices were saying, despite not believing they were really there.

"You will meet us... tomorrow..." the voice ordered. "The destination has been planted in your subconscious, where it shall remain until necessary... Now... Sleep..." it hissed. Malik suddenly dropped like a ragdoll, falling asleep immediately...

The next day, he had woken up and had gotten prepared for a long boat trip. He had a busy day ahead of him. Shin Minilla, swimming around through the water, was observing the boats. He was waiting for Zigra to come back, assuming it would attack boats as those were its closest possible targets. He noticed Malik getting on board one, his white long cape blowing gracefully in the wind. "Jeez, what's that guy's problem?" Shin Minilla asked himself in his head. "Has he got a big ego or what?" The ship soon set sail shortly after and traveled out towards the horizon. Shin Minilla was considering following it, understanding that Zigra could attack it, but there were a lot more people here than on that boat, so he decided to remain at the harbor instead. He surfaced above the water and blasted himself out onto the pathway, sitting down on a bench. Such a sight would have shocked people months ago, but he had become a kind of celebrity since then. Sure, he wasn't on talk shows (though he'd certainly love to) or anything like that, but everyone knew him and had accepted him as their new protector.

Meanwhile, Malik was out at sea. The boat traveled out across the sea, traveling to the co-ordinates that had been planted in Malik's subconscious the night before. Suddenly, Zigra appeared! Peacefully, it floated there and stared at the boat. It let out its mighty roar, signalling the unknown agents that were controlling it.

Zigra Roar

Almost immediately, a whirlpool appeared between Zigra and the boat! The water in the whirlpool disappeared, the edges of it acting like a wall as a corridor of air drove down the middle. The boat Malik was in drifted over the edge and slowly descended down the air corridor, soon arriving in an underwater city.

The corridor closed behind him, water once again taking its place. Malik stepped out of his boat and looked around.

"Seatopia... Wonderfully impressive..." he whispered to himself, marveling at the architecture on display.

"I'm glad you like it!" shouted the voice of another man, soon approaching him. He was wearing a white tunic and a metal headband, a glowing stone visible on it which he used to telepathically communicate with Zigra. He was accompanied by a classy black man in a white suit. He had short black hair and wore black shades.

"Ah huh, yeah, come with me" he said to Malik, in some kind of rhythm, beckoning him to follow him and the Seatopian leader.

"Is that Puff Daddy?" Malik asked, as he and the leader were escorted.

"Yes, Puff Daddy lives here" he confirmed. They entered a private chamber where the two of them could talk together alone, Puff Daddy waiting outside. "So... Malik" the Seatopian leader began.

"Yes, that's me" the scientist confirmed. "And you are Serax, I assume?" he asked.

"Well... Uh, yes, sort of..." the leader explained. "My real name is... Emperor Antonio... Serax sounds cooler."

"Yes, it's much better" Malik agreed. "That's why we're ignoring your real name."

"Fair enough" Serax explained. "Anyways... Do you understand why we've brought you here?" he asked.

"Something to do with my failed experiments" said Malik.

"Yes" confirmed Serax. "We can help you with that, in exchange for help on our own project."

"And what would that be?" asked Malik, smugly lying back in his chair.

"We Seatopians worship an ancient god named Megalon" Serax explained. "Unlike the gods of your religions on the surface, we have successfully found ours after many years of searching. He is entombed, and needs to be revived, but we do not have the expertise needed to resuscitate him. This is where you come in."

"You want me to bring Megalon back for you?" asked Malik. "Why do you think I'll help you?"

"Because we can help you, and you are desperate" Serax told him. "Don't think you can play us, Malik. There are other strangely stereotypical mad scientists out there, you know. We know of one man called Mafune. If you help us with the Megalon project, we will help you with your experiments in genetic engineering."

"I see..." said Malik, thinking to himself. He was taking all of this in incredibly well. "Will I be granted access to all of your laboratories and technology down here?" he asked.

"Yes, we shall give you whatever you need" answered Serax.

"Then it's a deal" smiled Malik, thinking of the possibilities that had now been bestowed upon him. Grinning, he shook Serax's hand. Serax whistled loudly and Puff Daddy opened the door, allowing Malik to leave the chamber. He smirked and hid the notes he had written in the top right pocket of this jacket.

Later that night, Shin Minilla was in his cave by himself. He had jammed a pen into the back of his tail's skull and was making it fire ink from its mouth to paint on the wall since his arms were too short. Trust me, this works.

"I know I recognised that symbol from somewhere" he said to himself, scratching his chin. On the wall was the markings that made up the symbol he had seen on Zigra's back.

"So boss" his tail said, drooling ink. "What's the deal wit' this pen drawing, eh?"

"It's the mark of the Seatopians" Shin Minilla explained. "I've met them before."

"Wha?" the tail asked. "I don't remember that."

Shin Minilla applied some finishing touches to the drawing. "It was before we split from our huge body and even from before we went on that rampage through Japan. We were a mere tadpole back then."

"Ah, we were so young..." his tail remarked. "So how's this fella related to them?"

"Well..." Shin Minilla began, closing his eyes and instructing his tail to do the same.

...It was in 1992. We were a tiny tadpole, just swimming through the ocean, long before what happened to get us where we are today. We were just off the coast, when we were captured by what we thought as the time to be a fisherman.

The young tadpole swam through the ocean. Suddenly, a net swiped him down and he was pulled away into a box.

However, it wasn't a fisherman. It was someone from an underwater society. They had captured us for testing.

The tadpole swam around in a small aquarium, looking around at other creatures in other cages. They were all sea animals from different parts of the world. Among them was a seahorse, a puffer fish and a shark.

They wanted to inject us with a serum that would allow us to infect other creatures by mere touch, who would then be able to do the same. But one day... We escaped.

The tadpole escaped through a pipe as a Seatopian scientist knocked over its aquarium, reacting to a toxic touch she had picked up from the tadpole.

The test had failed. They hadn't managed to stabilise it and had accidentally spread it to our own people. We had only been augmented, now with a longer lifespan. Tadpoles only live for about 8 months before they grow and change their shape. We were stuck this way for years.

The tadpole drifted through the ocean, shaking and squirming as a name tag dug into its skin. Finally, the tadpole managed to shake it free and faced it, noting the Seatopian symbol stamped on it. Remaining still, a small cloud of blue atomic energy surrounded it, before dissipating.

Shin Minilla opened his eyes and looked at his hand. Though tiny and very hard to notice, he could see the Seatopian symbol embedded into his hand.

"So what you happen to be saying is that we were created by those folk?" the tail asked.

"Yes, in a way. If we hadn't, we'd have probably grown up to be a normal animal" Shin Minilla told him.

"Then why don't I remember it?" the tail asked.

"Well, do you have any of our memories?" Shin Minilla asked him.

The tail thought for a second and shook its head back and forth. "No, not really."

Shin Minilla thought about this. "Then I'm probably the only one of us two with access to them. Anyways, that doesn't matter. What does matter is that we find that creature, that we put a stop to it and that we alert the authorities of the continued Seatopian presence. I hoped that they would have died out back when I gave them my toxic touch, but clearly that's not what happened..."

Before he could leave, he heard a knocking noise on the outside of his cave.

"Huh? Someone's knocking" Shin Minilla remarked. "Who is it?" he asked, approaching the boulder in front of his cave and putting his hands against it.

"We don't have much time, just let me in" the voice said.

Shin Minilla thought in silence for a few seconds. "Alright." He pulled the boulder aside and allowed his visitor to enter his home.

It was Puff Daddy. He looked around the room, which didn't exactly have much in it. "Shin Minilla."

"Yes?" he asked.

"Nice home" he told him, straightening his tie. "But that's not why I'm here. I'm not a male escort."

"Then why are you here?" Shin Minilla asked.

Puff Daddy looked at the symbol on the wall. "I see you've already found out about the Seatopians" he observed. "Do you know about Doctor Malik?" he asked.

Shin Minilla backtracked through his memory. "No, I don't think... Wait... Is that guy I saw earlier with the flapping cape, the giant ego and probably some crippling insecurities?"

Puff Daddy nodded. "That certainly sounds like him. He's in league with the Seatopians. Man, he's making new creatures for them. He's resurrecting their ancient god, Megalon."

"He's resurrecting an ancient God?!" Shin Minilla gasped. "But... Hang on... How do you know this?"

"I infiltrated their base" the rapper explained. "Ingratiated myself in with the locals, made 'em think I was part of their society, when really, I know something was up."

"Huh" said Shin Minilla. "I think I recognise you, actually. We've never actually met, but you're that guy who fought off that giant lizard in Manhattan back in 1998, aren't you?"

"Ah, no" Puff Daddy hesitantly said. "That was someone else."

"No, no, it is, isn't it?" Shin Minilla said. "You and Jimmy Page both made that song together and then you challenged that monster on a music stage, didn't you?"

Puff Daddy ignored him. "Malik is about to unleash his creatures right this very second. We have no time to waste." He narrowed his eyes, staring into Shin Minilla's eyes. "Shin Minilla..."

"Yes?" he asked.

"...come with me."

Malik stood outside of the same Institute of Science that had denied him earlier. Smiling smugly at it with a wicked glint in his eye, he held a detonator in his hand. "It's come to this..." he smirked.

Just behind him, Shin Minilla descended lightly to the ground, being carried by doves. "Stop right there!" Shin Minilla shouted, getting into a battle stance. He was joined by Puff Daddy as the doves transformed back into him.

"Too late, whoever you are!" Malik shouted, pointing at Shin Minilla and setting his Griffon on him. Shin Minilla backed away as the winged lion jumped at him, swiping its claws at his face as he tried to push it back. Puff Daddy leaped through the air towards Malik but was intercepted by a Giant Bat as it flew directly into his chest, sending him falling back down to the ground. Puff Daddy grabbed it by the neck and punched it in the face repeatedly as it scratched at him with his feet. Shin Minilla's tail, which wasn't being held down, pointed at the Giant Bat and zapped it. Puff Daddy looked at Malik, who had began running into the Institute, but decided to instead return the favour to Shin Minilla by jumping onto the Griffon's back and tackling it to the ground.

"Puff Daddy!" Shin Minilla shouted.

"Don't try and help me!" he ordered. "I can take this thing! You stop Malik!"

Shin Minilla nodded and propelled himself towards the Institute using a laser from his tail. Bursting through the door, he watched as Malik approached his scientific superiors.

"Malik!" the Head of the Institute shouted, somewhat in shock. "We deposed you! What are you doing here?"

"Don't ask questions, just run!" Shin Minilla shouted desperately, but not to any success as two Bat People emerged from behind him and restrained him, placing a dog muzzle over his tail's mouth.

"This is for all the times you lot turned me down" Malik said, slowly bursting into a fit of laughter as all of his kaiju stormed the room. Among them were a group of Giant Bats and Giant Condors, a ground squad of Giant Rats, several more Bat People and the walrus kaiju, Maguma, which reared its ugly face through the wall at the other side of the room, ensuring that there was no escape.

"Malik..." the Head said, hesitant to trigger him. "What have you done to these creatures?"

"Nothing much..." the scientist chuckled. "I've just expanded their capabilities... Allowed them to reach their full potential... Gone is the age of man..." He looked towards his animals as they watched him, waiting for an order. "Are you not impressed, sir?" he asked. "What about you lot?" he asked, looking towards the committee. "What are your thoughts this time, men? Going to laugh me out of the room, going to shame me, shun me?" he asked.

"Malik, there's no need for this..." the Head continued, trying to negotiate with him. "We... We can help you... We can give you what you want... There's no need for any violence."

"Is there not?" Malik asked. "Oh, that's such a pity, because I had gotten myself so excited... No, Mr. Head of the Institute, sir, I have what I want. I have my freedom in this appalling world. I have control."

"You're deluded, Malik!" the Head shouted, breaking his calm facade. "Insane and deluded!"

"Yes, sir, deluded, sir, mad, sir, not quite right in the head, sir! Heh... I know." He looked towards his animals again and smirked cruelly. "Darlings... Give them Hell."

Without further hesitation, the animals all tore into the committee, much to Malik's delight, blood spraying up the walls and limbs flying everywhere. Shin Minilla watched on as the entire room was slaughtered, trying to break free of the Bat People's grip as he watched Maguma impale the Head of the Institute with his tusks. Stamping on one of their feet, Shin Minilla pushed them aside and confronted Malik.


"Oh, but I do!" Malik shouted, running up to the chair the Head of the Institute once sat at. Looking out of the window behind it, he pressed the button on his detonator and watched as the town behind the Institute exploded, further increasing his sick death count.


"I'm bringing you all salvation... Cast your old, puny religions aside... Meet your new God..." He stared on, his maniacal expression changing to a concerned one before changing back again. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he enjoyed it.

From among the smoke, a giant creature emerged. It was Megalon. Standing at 55 meters tall, the equivalent of 180 feet, the Seatopian God towered over Japan. It was the largest creature Shin Minilla had ever seen, other than himself from back when he was a giant. It let out an almighty roar.

Megalon Roar

The yellow star-like horn on its head flashed and a huge wave of energy was sent across the planet. At this point, the Griffon burst into the room, leaping at Shin Minilla, who at the same time had quickly shielded himself and now the creature by redirecting his atomic beams around the two of them. The energy wave forced its way past them, tearing up the ground beneath and sending the two of them falling as the rest of the kaiju and Malik evaporated into dust. Meanwhile, everywhere else on the planet, all at once, every human living on the Earth fell to the ground in pain and screamed in agony as their bodies twisted and contorted, changing in shape to become something new. Their bodies changed to a dark brown colour and their skulls grew in size, now resembling that of a giant insect.

They had all become smaller clones of Megalon, still the same size as they used to be, but now completely under his power. It had happened. This was it. The end of the Earth as everyone knew it...




Other Characters

  • Doctor Malik
  • Serax
  • Head of the Institute
  • Puff Daddy




  • Though the Griffon is called Kroiga, it is referred to as the Griffon in this story as that is the name most people are familiar with and is the name that Toho uses for the character.
  • Doctor Malik, the Bat People, the Griffon and the Giant Rats come from Latitude Zero. Maguma comes from Gorath, the Giant Bat comes from Prophecies of Nostradamus and the Giant Condor comes from Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. Zigra from Gamera vs. Zigra makes a cameo appearance.
  • This is the final episode to feature Shin Minilla firing green atomic beams, resulting in his mutation finally completing. It is explained away as a defect as the result of how he was born. The problem sorts itself out after some of Zigra's paralysis energy dissipates inside of him and relaxes his throat.
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