Scorpii is a scorpion kaiju created by SuperNerd, and a member of the Stars.


Scorpii is a blue humanoid with various scorpion like features, such as a stinger and multiple eyes. Scorpii's mouth is on the top of her head, and is connected to her hair, of which is in the shape of Scorpion claws and can open and close as such. Her hands are actual claws, but are longer and less round. She has six scorpion like legs, giving her a centaur like stature. She has a long tail that sports the iconic scorpion stinger. Her Stars symbol is tattooed onto both sides of it.



Scorpii was born on a planet full of other creatures like her, but Scorpii was different. Scorpii was born with extraordinary powers, being able to wipe out an army of enemy soldiers after enrolling in her species's military. After being promoted to the highest rank, she was located by Sagittari who added her to the Stars, a group of the ten most powerful beings in the universe joined together to fight a common enemy... Jefferey.


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  • Stinging - Like literally every species of scorpion, Scropii has a stinger that can, surprise, sting things. What's different about her stinger however, is that it carries some of the deadliest poisons in the universe.
  • Toxic Beam - Scorpii's claws can open up and blast out a scolding hot toxin, burning and poisoning her opponents.
  • Powerful Claws - Scorpii's claws can crush all known material in the universe. This includes Jefferey.
  • Toxic Barbs - Scorpii can materialize spikes out of the air. These spikes can poison her targets.


Scorpii's name comes from the star of the same name, Scorpii.


  • Scorpii is the weakest member of the Stars, ranking lowest on the team.
  • Scorpii is also the youngest of the stars, only checking in at 50 years old.
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