Prestartorius is a starfish kaiju made by BigRandomKaiju


Prestartorius has a not normal body shape for an starfish. It has two tentacles, with two mouths that uses to eat it's prey Coraliusus' corals and four roots that can work like legs to roam through the ocean floor.

Evolution and attracting techniques

Prestartorius was capable to evolve to have the same type of corals that Coraliusus has, to attract them so it can eat their corals. Prestartorius are seen to have the capacity to change the color of the corals so it can attract females and scare off predators. Prestartorius has also been seen coexisting with Remorius, a species of giant remoras.


  • Underground Ambushes: Prestartorius digs to go under the ground and by sticking out it's corals, it can attract Coraliusus;
  • Mouth Claws: The claws that Prestartorius has are also mouths that uses to eat the corals from Coraliusus back.


  • The design and concept of the Prestartorius is inspired from the real life animal, Crown of thorns Starfish.