The Platinum Dove is a supernatural bird yokai created by Scoobydooman90001.


The Platinum Dove is a tiny white bird, around the size of a regular turtle dove, that roams the Virtue Forests. She is white in colour, though has a purple-tipped beak and four circles on her chest, two of which are grey and two of which are pink. Instead of two legs, the Platinum Dove has two tiny hooks which she uses to cling onto branches. She has a small grey tail. When Pien was asked to describe the Dove, she claimed it sparkled in the light, just like a diamond.


The New Adventures of Oh Pi

Oh Pi first met the Platinum Dove while exploring the Virtue Forests by himself, enjoying the early hours of the morning. Intrigued by the creature, he slowly approached it so that he could examine it. Determining Oh Pi as a predatory animal, the Platinum Dove quickly retaliated by transforming Oh Pi into a 19 year old human girl, stripping away all of her abilities and rendering her defenseless. The Platinum Dove soon took the opportunity to leave, disappearing between the trees and leaving Oh Pi by herself.

Renaming herself as Pien, Oh Pi soon made some clothes she could wear and headed back out into the Virtue Sector, where she found herself rejected by all of her friends after they refused to believe her story. With nowhere to go, Pien soon took to the streets and became homeless. Upon meeting a guy around the same age as her, who took her back to his home to give her a roof to sleep under, Pien saw the Platinum Dove one final time and frowned at her. Identifying Pien as the same creature she had encountered in the woods, she soon fluttered away.

It was later revealed that the Platinum Dove had also been transforming other animals she had come across in the countryside, as displayed when Susan came across a snail that had been transformed into a butterfly.

Council of Creators

A single Platinum Dove appears in Episode 50, the Season 2 Finale, Shadow Paradigm, having been brought forth from an unknown universe alongside Doctor Meme, Demon Koopa and Scoobs, all of which had also been teleported from various universes, points in time and dimensions by Hokuto Black King's improvised teleporter. The bird was riding on the shoulder of a Cdr from an alternate universe who happened to be female. Although Indominus seemed to be overjoyed by this occurrence, blurting out about the fanfiction he planned to make, the other Creators and Hokuto Black King were unamused, with Hokuto Black King ordering BRK to "Euthanize it, now." BRK complied, and shot the female Cdr with a blaster he had found in the basement of The Creators' bar, incinerating both the Cdr and the Platinum Dove instantly, to the point that nothing was left behind.


  • Transformations: The Platinum Dove is able to to fire a gaseous beam of smoke from her beak, which transforms any living creature it touches into something else. The designated creature that a victim is transformed into is randomized, though the beam produced such results as turning a snail into a butterfly and turning Oh Pi into a human girl.
  • Burning Up: As a side effect of the transformations, each victim is plagued with a cloud of smoke around their heart. Timed to slowly disperse, it will shatter once the countdown reaches zero and will take the heart with it, tearing it apart piece by piece.


  • Like Son, the Platinum Dove is one of the few villains who managed to achieve their purpose. However, unlike Son, the Platinum Dove survived to live another day.
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