Overlord Bagan is the ultimate form of Bagan created after all Bagans all over the multiverse combined into one being. He will eventually serve as a big villain in Council Of Creators.


He looks like all the Bagans mashed together.



The name Bagan had become feared across the multiverse, especially in badly written fanfictions. The Bagan of Universe 986 was preparing to revive again, until he heard the calling of many other Bagans across the multiverse. He was somehow teleported to this location. All the Bagans were there. Suddenly, Bagan Prime (Totem Bagan, as he is incorrectly known) appeared. Along with him were the Super Godzilla Bagan and the Movie Studio Tour Bagan. They used their powerd to combine into one, terrible, overpowered, overrated, monstrosity. This was OVERLORD BAGAN. Now imbued with the ability to become gain power from all the horrible fanfics written about him, Overlord Bagan became one the most powerful beings in the Multiverse. A title he really didn't deserve. Nonetheless, Overlord Bagan went to many universes. Almost scorching many of them to ash. However, he was always stopped by one entity. Godzilla. Super or otherwise, Godzilla would always stop Overlord Bagan, much as the normal Bagans had been. Luckily for many universes, the laws of the Multiverse, set by Skeleturtle long ago, still held a firm grasp on Overlord Bagan. One of these laws, was that no Bagan shall ever defeat a Godzilla. In any universe. This prevented Overlord Bagan from conquering/destroying any universes where Godzilla existed. As such, he started to turn to universes without a Godzilla. This puts much of the FMK Multiverse at risk, and many universes will soon feel the wrath of Overlord Bagan.

Council Of Creators



  • The abilities of all previous Bagans, but 10000000000x stronger
  • Energy claw
  • Flight/hovering
  • Beam fired from chest head's mouth and eyes
  • Electricity absorption
  • Super Strength
  • Gains power from all the bad fanfics written about him
  • Super-overratedness


  • Overlord Bagan parodies how OP Bagan always is in fanfics
  • Credit to Scoobs for coming up with the name and the idea to make him the main antagonist, though plans have since change he will now be a big villain near the end of the series as there is currently no real over-arching villain.
  • Overlord Bagan is the first non-user Kaiju created specifically for Council of Creators.
  • All art used in his design belongs to it's respective creators, most notably, Matt Frank. Other artists include:
    • Toho themselves (concept art used for Overlord Bagan's shoulder spikes
    • Fourgreen (chestface)
    • Pyrus Leondas (part of the left arm)
    • Yet to be credited artist (Secondary arms)