Onītomakiei is literally manta ray in japanese (I used Google Translater so it's probably wrong).


Onītomakiei is a giant manta ray Polynesian god that has traits from stingrays, sawfish, monkfish, and sharks.


In Polynesia was spotted a giant manta ray with a saw and a sting. After 30 minutes it started to swim to the shore of the beach, but RA HQ tried stopping Onītomakiei with High Temperature missiles, but before being hit with it Onītomakiei hided underground. RA HQ thinking that the kaiju was destroyed they started to find the remains of it with the Poseidon, a boat that can navigate more fast than other boats that have been made. When the boat was on top of the place where Onītomakiei exploded it was quickly destroyed by it. Ultraman Atum soon appeared to defeat Onītomakiei, but was jabbed with it's sting and was infected with it's poison making his Color Timer start to ring. After still fighting Onītomakiei still infected by the poison, but Atum noticed something under the kaiju's foot. Atum took out the piece of metal that was stuck on it's foot making Onītomakiei becaming allies with Atum and going away to under the see.


  • Wallking: Like various species of monkfish Onītomakiei can walk both on land and under the sea;
  • Poisonous Stinger: Onītomakiei has a stinger that when pierces the skin of other kaiju it ejects a strong venom;
  • Saw: Like the sawfish Onītomakiei also has a saw that uses to attack other kaiju.


  • Onītomakiei's design is based on the design of the kaiju from Ultraman Taro called Samekujira.