Oh Pi (pronounced OP) is a young Ohpinian kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Canonically, Oh Pi gets his name from the noises he made upon meeting David Daykin. Despite being initially confused, Oh Pi happily accepted this name. Birth refers to him by this name too, though only because this is the name that the human race know him by.

When Oh Pi became a human female, he named himself 'Pien'. She chose this as she just liked the sound of the name.

As for behind the scenes, the character is named Oh Pi as a play on the term 'OP', which stands for 'Over-Powered'. This is of course in reference to his seemingly endless arsenal of plot-convenient abilities.


In his child form, Oh Pi is a small green fluffy kaiju. He has a rather spherical shape, a big beak, two yellow antennae and gigantic red feet. This is because he is a child in this form and has not yet fully developed. In appearance, his child form is merely a larger version of his baby form, which looks similar but is significantly less developed.

After Birth advanced his growth cycle, Oh Pi became a teenager and took on a horse-like form. In this form, his eyes are much smaller, he has a third antennae growing out of his head, his legs are long and red and he now has a natural tail. He has a formation resembling a saddle on his back.

Some time after changing into his teenage form, Oh Pi was permanently forced back into his child form. However, he still ages mentally and only merely looks like a child.

In The Feminisation of Oh Pi, he was briefly transformed into a teenage human girl named Pien. In this form, she takes on blonde hair, round eyes and a small nose. She has two small antennae protruding from her hair and wears clothes matching the colour scheme of Oh Pi's usual form. Refusing to wear any shoes, Oh Pi instead wears dark red socks in this form.


As an Ohpinian

During his time as a baby, Oh Pi was a lot more unpredictable and random. He often found curiosity in almost everything he came across, either examining them or trying to interact with them. Being a baby, he was incapable of making proper judgments at time, as shown when he initially met Bunny and thought nothing of her. The only exception to this is when he met Verri, who he could sense was suspicious due to the two of them being the same species. He was also very dependent, relying on his human friends quite often.

When he became a teenager, Oh Pi became a lot more aware, having matured a bit. Though still partially curious, this aspect to his personality had died down and he became a lot more unpredictable, showing more loyalty towards his friends. He even earned the capability to fall in love, displayed when he met another Ohpinian from a parallel universe, Oh Petta. Though he later got stuck in his child form again, his personality did not revert back.

As a Human

When he was transformed into Pien, Oh Pi became a lot more vocal. Now having the ability to speak English, she talked about her feelings and what she thought of her friends. Having been cast away by them, not believing her story that she really was Oh Pi, she behaved somewhat cynically and talked of them in a more negative light. Just like a normal human, she now experienced many different feelings and felt very conflicted over them.

Indeed, when the one and only chance came for her to become an Ohpinian again, she wasn't even sure if she wanted to. She had found new happiness as a human and like anyone else in such a situation, she wasn't ready to give it up. However, she acknowledged that she had responsibility as Earth's protector, showing a clear and mature understanding of the predicament she was in.


Being Born

Oh Pi was created by Birth when the universe began. With him was Verri Opee, who was banished to the After Time due to being an accidental creation. Unlike Verri, Oh Pi grew up naturally and had been known to have helped out countless civilizations before traveling to the Earth, a planet that would soon frequently need his help.

Arriving on the Earth

This section covers the first episode, The Arrival of Oh Pi.

Asleep within his pod, Oh Pi slipped through a crack in space and ended up in the orbit of the Earth in the year 3007. Soon crashing down on the planet somewhere in the mountains, he attracted the attention of the Virtue Kaiju Unit. Led by Frank Marsh, David Daykin, Barry Barrow, Susan Grant and Katherine Hill all took a trip out to try and locate the pod. The five of them split up, looking around for the area it had crash landed in.

David soon found this crater, examining the pod. It administered a strange kind of shock to him, knocking him out cold. When he awoke, he came face to face with a small, green, furry creature. The two of them observed each other, equally intrigued by the other. Trying to communicate with the creature, David eventually determined that its name was Oh Pi, something which the creature appeared to approve of. He also determined that it was as old as the universe itself, something which should not only be impossible, but would make him impossible.

Deciding that Oh Pi needed to be taken back to headquarters for analysis, the team began to observe his behaviour. Confirming that he was mostly harmless, Katherine, David and Susan compared him to a baby, having determined that he was still in his infantile stage despite his incredible age. It was then that the emergency alarm had gone off, alerting the base of a kaiju attack.

Another creature that had come from the crack in space, Skarazanni, had arrived. Confused by its surroundings, it tried interacting with the environment, accidentally smashing into a building and destroying several vehicles. It was soon attacked by the military, who were unable to deal any significant damage to it. However, Oh Pi soon flew out to do battle with the creature.

Displaying his immense power by literally bringing sentient life to a building, which soon slammed down on the alien creature, killing it. Following the attack, the VKU team decided that it would be worth keeping Oh Pi around, giving him a home at their headquarters and allowing him to live with them. Oh Pi finally had a new family.

Being Controlled

After the revelation that the Plot had been manipulating Oh Pi's life from behind the scenes, they came down to the Earth and successfully took control of him using a disease that they had infected him with. Using him to locate where Birth had been hiding since the beginning of the universe. They successfully located her and demanded that she either gave them ultimate power or Oh Pi died. After mocking them, Birth completely eradicated them from existence and advanced Oh Pi's development cycle into his teenage years to get rid of the disease inside of him.


Oh Pi has taken multiple other forms across the series, his first being the form of a young boy that he used in the second episode, Museum Planet. This section compiles together the numerous forms he's used.


Oh Pi is incredibly strong and has many powers. However, he must always spend a long amount of time recharging after using his powers in battle. His abilities currently known to mankind are:

  • Morphing: Oh Pi is able to change shape and transform into any living being he desires. However, these transformations are usually very strange and don't always completely resemble what he has chosen to become. He is also able to change his tiny tail into inanimate objects.
  • Flight: Oh Pi is able to levitate above the ground with ease and is able to fly at incredibly quick speeds. He once navigated through twenty entire galaxies within the short space of two minutes. He has used this to confuse enemy Kaiju in battles.
  • Size Changing: Oh Pi is able to change his size at will. However, he has a default size and can not grow any taller than it. He is only able to shrink but this is not something that has stopped him in battles. He once became minuscule and entered an enemy kaiju's body before changing back to his default size, exploding the creature from the inside. Oh Pi liked to become really small (not even reaching knee-height of everyone around him) so that he could hang around with everyone else. This meant he had to constantly recharge his powers, keeping him from fighting other kaiju until after some amount of time.
  • Planet Creation: Oh Pi is able to create copies of any existing planet. The Earth was once completely destroyed by Kaiju and the human race was completely wiped out. However, Oh Pi returned to space and deleted the planet from existence, replacing it with a copy of Earth in the state it was in before being destroyed by Kaiju.
  • Lasers: Oh Pi is able to fire lasers from his eyes and antennae. This is his most common attack and is used in almost every fight he has with enemy Kaiju. The eye lasers are able to destroy entire buildings and environments while the antennae lasers can be used to grab objects and move them around. Oh Pi once used these to grab the sun and smash it into a planet named X-17-Delta.
  • Vulnerability: Oh Pi is able to survive many devastating attacks. He once flew into a black hole to escape a large group of attacking Kaiju that were managing to beat him. Not knowing it was a black hole, they followed him in and were completely destroyed. Just seconds later, Oh Pi came flying back out completely unharmed.
  • Tail: While Oh Pi does not appear to have a tail, he is able to grow one at will. Using his morphing ability, he is able to generate any form of weapon on the end of his tail. He once used this ability to transform his tail into a second Oh Pi. However, this second Oh Pi wasn't as strong as the original Oh Pi and eventually melted after the battle was won.
  • Speech: Oh Pi is able to speak every language in existence. He doesn't often do this and only does it when convenient but it is still a useful ability. He once persuaded an entire armada to turn away from Earth and go attack X-18-Alpha, the sister planet to X-17-Delta. This kicked off a giant war that still rages across space to this very day.
  • Resurrection: Oh Pi is able to bring any dead creature back to life to fight for him. He once used this ability to resurrect some dead Kaiju that had been eaten by an even bigger Kaiju. The resurrected Kaiju ironically ate this Kaiju from the inside out and killed it.
  • Giving Life: Oh Pi is also able to give life to anything, no matter what it is. He once used this ability to give a plane sentience. It dive-bombed into the enemy Kaiju and exploded it's face open, killing it. He once also gave life to two buildings which jumped up from the ground and landed on top of a group of invading kaiju, completely obliterating them.
  • Possession: Oh Pi is able to leave his body and take over the bodies of other living beings. When he does this, his body phases in and out of existence so that it can not be harmed. He once entered the body of an enemy Kaiju with ten arms that each had very sharp knifes on the end. He stabbed the kaiju's body, damaging it beyond repair and effectively killing it. He then returned to his body as if nothing had happened.
  • Second Mouth: Within his beak, Oh Pi has a smaller second mouth. It can extend out of the beak and can be used as a weapon. He once used it to rip off an enemy kaiju's legs before using his antennae beams to smash it's legs into it's shoulders.
  • Radio Antennae: Oh Pi can pick up radio transmissions with his antennae. David and Susan once used this to contact him and give him advice on how to defeat one of his opponents.


Fan-made artwork of Oh Pi (click expand to open)

Many users have created fan art of Oh Pi, all of which is listed below in a gallery. Links have been provided for pieces of fan art that were eventually made into their own separate pages.


  • Oh Pi is one of the oldest kaiju to exist in the Oh Pi universe, only being surpassed by Birth, Verri Opee and a few others.
  • Oh Pi can't morph into inanimate objects as he is still considered young and is still developing his powers, gaining new ones and improving old ones. As he ages, he slowly learns how to do this.
  • Oh Pi never speaks in full sentences while he is in his kaiju form, only ever making noises or managing to say a few words. However, as a human, she speaks fluent English.
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