Nurth is an elephant kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.

Though Oh Pi is the main titular character, Nurth is an equally important character. Nurth usually assists the humans in holding off enemy kaiju as Oh Pi gathers power. Nurth is the only monster that Oh Pi trusts as a friend.


Nurth is clearly designed to somewhat resemble an elephant. However, unlike normal elephants, Nurth stands on two legs and has a very short stubby tail. Nurth also lacks hands and instead has trunks for arms. Strangely, Nurth's trunk starts from the very top of his head rather than underneath the eyes.


Nurth was originally a lone elephant living on Jennerik Island. However, he was mutated after the military tested their Nuclear Spiral weapon the island. He adopted a pink colour and gained new abilities. He was soon found by Susan who took him in back to the Virtue Sector to provide it with better living conditions. Kanun soon showed up to attack the city and managed to trap Oh Pi under a pile of debris. To prevent many deaths, Nurth fought the enemy kaiju, freed Oh Pi and managed to hold it back long enough for Oh Pi to kill it with the Nuclear Spiral. After this, he became friends with Oh Pi and was taken in by the VKU. When the Plot successfully gained control of Oh Pi, they decided that Nurth was a hostile element and using their weapons, obliterated him into atoms and killed him.


Unlike Oh Pi, Nurth isn't very powerful and relies more on his actual fighting ability to win fights. His abilities currently known to mankind are:

  • Acidic Trunks: Nurth is able to fire an acidic liquid from the trunks on his arms. He can also spray this acidic liquid out of his proper trunk though he can not control this.
  • High Kick: Nurth is able to jump up from the ground and deliver a powerful kick to his enemies. He quite commonly uses this attack when fighting enemy kaiju.


  • Nurth's name is a play on the word 'nerf' in reference to how Nurth's powers are nowhere near as strong and useful as Oh Pi's powers. Ironically, Nurth was the strongest kaiju in the parallel universe.
  • Nurth is somewhat based on how multiple franchises seem to require cute appealing characters (e.g. Little Godzilla in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla and Kiko in Son of Kong).
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