Nightmare Raptor is a supernatural Kaiju conceptualized by Indominus Rex 2016 and fleshed out by Cdr who appeared in episode 34 of Council of Creators.


Nightmare Raptor basically resembles a standard Velociraptor, albeit sporting several physical oddities. His head more closely resembles the Indominus Rex, and Nightmare Raptor has feathers in several places, including on his head, back, and the tip of his tail. Nightmare Raptor has odd skin protrusions on his snout and the bottom of his neck, the former resembling a saw, though it does not appear to actually function. Nightmare Raptor's main body is a dark grey color with a white underbelly, whilst various patches on his body are red or blue in color.



Nightmare Raptor's origins remain a mystery, however one that may be uncovered in time....

Council of Creators

Main Article: Council of Creators Episode 34
Exhausted by the previous day, Indominus Rex 2016 was trying to rest. However, his sleep was haunted by a Raptor he had never seen before, whom he dubbed Nightmare Raptor. The Council of Creators decided to enter Indominus' mind to hunt the Raptor down.

Once inside his mind, he scattered his Mental Guardians, allowing Nightmare Raptor to easily take them out one by one, growing in power at each kill and causing immense pain to Indominus.

After successfully taking down six of them, Nightmare Raptor was attacked by the whole Council as well as Silver the Hedgehog and Anguirus. The Raptor managed to hold his own most of the fight until having a beam struggle with Indominus where he lost and died.


  • Mind Entering: Nightmare Raptor can enter the minds of others at will.
  • Nightmare Beam: Nightmare Raptor can fire some kind of beam that damages other beings in the dream world.
  • Dream World Distortion: Nightmare Raptor's mere presence can distort the dream world. The distortions become more widespread he grows more powerful.
  • Mind Killing: Should he grow strong enough, Nightmare Raptor can seize control of another being's mind and essentially shut them off, killing them.
  • Teleportation: Nightmare Raptor can use some form of teleportation in the dream world.
  • Claws: Like any other raptor, Nightmare Raptor has claws on his feet he can use to cut other beings.
  • Being in another's mind causes Nightmare Raptor to gradually become more powerful.


  • The first appearance of Nightmare Raptor on the wiki was on the Raptor (Species) page, in which Nightmare Raptor appeared among other upcoming Raptor variations.
  • Nightmare Raptor is currently the only Raptor, discounting hybrids like Raptor Raptor or Grimm Ratzilaptor whose origins do not connect with Steven Universe or RWBY, thankfully.