The Nasodema Queen is a feared creature from Farleon Island whose purpose is to be the leader of the Nasodemans creatures.


Unlike the Nasodemans, the Nasodema Queen is bigger and stronger. He resembles a mammal with a huge mouth connected with tentacles that are "legs", a tail which she can give birth to Nasodemans eggs and her arms are like spider legs.


The Rhinogradentians are a unique species that evolved from a meteor who made many of the creatures evolved differently in Farleon Island. The meteor had creatures who mixed with prehistoric animals. The Nasodemans we're the first mammals to have the hybrid evolution of the creatures of the meteor. The Nasodema Queen was created to be the leader of the group of the Nasodemans and be the most fearsome groups of creatures in the island.


  • Intelligence: She's good at strategy when they hunt down creatures to eat or use them as bait. She can fight with tougher creatures and kaijus by using tools and her strength.
  • Great Strength: She can lift things more than 7 tons by using her tentancles or tail.


  • The Nasodemians are the only creatures who hunt in group with a queen.
  • She can eat many things and use the food to give birth more faster.