Molterak is a molten rock kaiju created by Tacozilla99.


Molterak has a body made up of molten rock. He possesses large hands, Molterak has abnormal facial features such as a rigid mouth that can't close, ghostly eyes, and both have lava pulsating in them.


Molterak was born out of an underwater volcano that erupted in the Pacific ocean. His mind was possessed by an unknown demonic entity, which caused his mind to fill with rage and hatred.


  • Can shoot molten lava from his mouth
  • Has huge fists to use in combat, his fists are powerful enough to split the ground open
  • the spikes running down his back can generate heat to act as defense 
  • Body can emit an extremely high temperature, even in water
  • His body can provide tough armour against conventional weaponry.


  • The image comes from The Old Gods Return, created by the Blue Oyster Cult.