Mecha Raptor was created by Yellow Diamond as a robot variation of Raptor. He was built to catch Raptor but turned on his creator. Yellow Diamond realized what mistake she had made but was fortunately able to stop Mecha Raptor with help from Raptor.


Mecha Raptor looks similar in appearance to Raptor. However, he is much more metallic and is light grey and dark grey. He has dark red, bright green and bright blue markings across his body. The letters 'MR' are printed in red and blue on the side of his leg. He has black markings on his legs and blue claws. He is able to become the Heisei Mecha Godzilla.


  • Ultra Speed

Mecha Raptor is faster than Raptor as he has jets built into him that allow him to move at high speeds.

  • Eye Beams

Mecha Raptor can fire yellow electricity beams from his eyes.

  • Tranquilizer Missiles

Mecha Raptor can shoot missiles from his hips. These missiles paralyze any living being they hit.