Mecha-F40PH is a heroic Mecha created by KoopaGalaxain.


Mecha-F40PH bears a resemblance to Mechagodzilla and shares its body design with the aforementioned machine. However, Mecha-F40PH's head and arms are all replaced with EMD F40PH train locomotives.


Universe 1996

Constructed by the users of 4chan in an unknown location, Mecha-F40PH was built in a successful attempt to revive the F40PH Friday meme. After his creation, Mecha-F40PH personally oversaw the revival of the meme, ousting rabid internet users of all kinds (most especially Furries, Fangirls and Fanboys) from the site in favour of bringing back F40PH Friday. After successfully reviving the meme, Mecha-F40PH mysteriously disappeared, but it is thought that he will return when the internet needs him the most.

Council of Creators

Mecha-F40PH has had two appearances in the series so far, and appears in episodes 22 and 29. In Episode 22, Mecha-F40PH orders Longy, the Long Godzilla and Teeny, the Tiny Godzilla to leave the construction site for a railway station that he had been ordered to guard, but was left irritated after the downdraft from Longy's wings destroyed the building site as he left.

In Episode 29, Mecha-F40PH returns at the very end, revealing that the final battle between the Bootnokk Battalion and Kirkos had once again taken place near the construction site. This time, Mecha-F40PH arrested Longy, Teeny and Hedron, and took them into custody.


  • Derail and Re-route: Mecha-F40PH can derail any 'cancerous' or cringy internet forum, thread or comment section, most commonly to re-route discussion to itself or less cringy topics.
  • Eye Beams: Mecha-F40PH can fire beams from its eyes.


  • Mecha-F40PH is pretty much a walking reference to the F40PH Friday meme. It is also a tribute to the F40PH train itself, as this is one of my favourite American locomotives based on appearance.
  • Of all the monsters I have created, parts of Mecha-F40PH's design have proven to be the second most frustrating experience I've ever had in creating something for this Wiki. It took me quite a while to get the head to work, and at one point Paint.NET corrupted the file, forcing me to start over.
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