Mantrican is a giant bug that lives in Farleon Island.


Mantrican is a mix between a mantis and a scorpion, her eyes are with color violet, his torso and head have glowing orange lines, a long lizard tail with a sting and long claws.


Mantrican is the deadliest predator in the island, her origin is still unknown, but mostly she goes hunting others creatures and even swimming in the ocean to eat whales. Mantrican also has many enemies which sometimes she fights. In 1999, Mantrican invaded Cuba and the U.S. Her final battle was on Atlanta and she died from the military and a superheroe of the name Dark Blue.

Operation Farleon

The soldiers find this creature in the beach eating a whale, the japanese and british try to kill her. Gryphorx and other giant monsters make an alliance to kill Mantrican. Mantrican was defeated by the monsters and the navy.


  • Venom: Her sting can inject venom and she can spit it too. Her venom can kill easily a creature when she injects.
  • Resistence: Her skin is strong and she can resist many things.
  • X-Ray: Little times she uses X-Ray in her eyes so she can see kaiju's weaknesses in their body.


  • She's the biggest kaiju in Farleon Island.