Malformus is a soul reaping kaiju created by SuperNerd. He is Jefferey's first opponent in Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures.


Malformus has a long, scrawny body made out of pulsating flesh. His feet, arms, neck, and head all have visible bone, most of it being sharp, malformed (duh), and branching. He has a small tail and a long neck that is always bent downwards as his head is so big his neck can't support his own heads mass.


Pre Gang Leader

Malformus was a lonely, lonely Soulker that was shunned by his clan. Soulkers are an endangered species that live on the planet Deasoulalia. They are considered a powerful, horrifying species, except for Malformus. He was a weak, good for nothing twig that did nothing but get beat up and almost die. His clan shunned him and everyone wished death upon him. Eventually, at around age 15,000, The Alien Tsunami arrived and began bombing his clan. Malformus was caught in an explosion and mutated. Parts of his bones shot out and deformed. His body shriveled and his fur burnt off. His head grew dramatically in size. But most importantly, he became larger, and more powerful. Eager to show his clan, he ran at them. Thinking he was some sort of zombie, his clan attacked him. He had no choice but to kill them. Brutally. He harvested their souls and grew in power. Infuriated by what Alien Tsunami had done, he searched for him. But he couldn't get to him. So he managed to build himself a ship. He traveled the universe, killed people, and reanimated their corpses to make them serve as his gang members. Then the fun began...

Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures

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Malformus's name is derived from the word Malformed, meaning dis-shaped.


  • Soul taking - Malformus can take souls and grow stronger depending on the potency of the soul.
  • Red Beam - Malformus can shoot a red laser out of his eyes.
  • Crossing Limbs - Malformas charges his left arm with energy and slashes it, tearing apart nearby everything.


  • Malformus's name comes from the word "Malformed" as that is what he is. You never would have guessed that, would you?
  • Malformus's upper jaw took 30 seconds to draw. Ask me how that's possible. The whole head took around 45 seconds in total.
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