This page contains all of the different music tracks that have been selected for Council of Creators. Though the series is not a TV show, these are the tracks that the writers of the series have determined would probably fit certain episodes of the series if it were a TV show of some kind.

Season 1

Episode 3

The episode, being completely comedic, as is a majority of Season One episodes, carries with it a loud and fun song to accompany it. The track is taken from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.

Episode 4

As the episode itself is somewhat of a self parody, featuring villains that are literally just living pieces of feces, the music chosen for this episode is over the top and epic. This was done to contrast with the fact that the villains are all just feces and don't pose any kind of actual threat whatsoever.

Episode 7

The music for this one was chosen to represent the sheer power of Wolfish and Dragonish, along with a more ancient feel befitting of the Egyptian god themed Ultra.

Episodes 10, 11, 12, and 13

Seeing as these episodes are one of the more serious sub-arcs, they have been grouped together and have been given epic orchestral music.

Episode 16

The orchestral music for the scene in which Magorin transforms in this episode was chosen as it was decided that it'd be quite fitting for a transformation scene. An orchestral cover of a video game track was chosen to fit in with the rest of the soundtrack, most of which consists of music from video games or animated shows.

Season 2

Episode 34

The song chosen for final battle against Nightmare Raptor, per Indominus's request.

Episode 40

The dark ambience used for the scene in which the Creators go searching for the source of the pandemic in the near-abandoned city was chosen for its unsettling and eerie nature, very fitting for the fact that Earth's population very quickly dwindled once Organon's pandemic took hold.

Episode 42

Bass boosted GTA San Andreas music was chosen for the scene in which The Woke-Ass Atomic Dinosaur blasts a hole in the wall of the courtroom ship. This is to fit in with MKG's character and some of his own characters that also appeared in the episode, which are all meme-themed. Michael Heyas DeSanta is also partially based off of one of the main protagonists from GTA V, making the music a little bit more fitting.

The Checker Knights track from the Kirby's Air Ride soundtrack (though it actually comes from the Kirby anime) was chosen for the scene in which the Creators, MKG and his crew pilot a planet through space and unintentionally cause the genocide of every species on six different planets. The track just sounds kind of cool, as pretty much every single track from every Kirby game does. This is universally accepted, so you can't deny it.

Episode 48

Ultraman Belial's theme was an obvious choice, being the personal theme of the episode's main villain. There are a few key points where it is utilized in the episode specifically. First, when Belial first enters Universe 1, and the song continues to be used during his raid on the alien spaceship. Secondly, when he makes his entrance on Earth, after the Darkness Five have all been defeated.

Keizer Ghidorah Battle, from the Godzilla Final Wars soundtrack, is re-purposed here as theme for Belial's Vengeful Keizer form, which Keizer Ghidorah is a component of, in Kaiju Capsule form. It conveys just the right ambiance, menace, and power that this nigh-unstoppable fusion should have. Originally, it was going to be used unaltered, until a quite awesome remix by Youtuber SUPERTOHOREMIX was found, befitting not only the fusion's debut, but also it's utter demolishing of the Creators in battle.

2017 Christmas Specials

Happy Christmas

Jean-Michel Jarre's music from his album, Oxygene, was chosen for the first 2017 Christmas Special, Happy Christmas, as it sounds very unnatural and has a very alien-like quality to it. It fits the tone of the episode and the nature of the Stars of the Symphony Night, who were very mysterious both in origin and behaviour. Part 1 would have been featured in the scene in which the Stars first make their presence know. Part 4 would have been featured in the climactic ending to the story in which the Stars finally dissipate, whereas the other parts of the album would likely just have been used throughout the rest of the story.

Side Stories

Meme Downfall

Following their decline in popularity, the Meme Squad reminisce on the good old times. King Dong expresses his sadness by singing I'm Nobody's Hero, a song from the Donkey Kong Country animated TV series.

Other Tracks

Currently Undecided

This section contains the music that has been chosen for the series but hasn't currently yet been assigned to any specific episode or scene.

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