Lacrimaniac is a tear based kaiju created by SuperNerd295.


Lacrimaniac is a humanoid kaiju with a large, yellow head with purple and orange eyes. Its body is orange with two purple spots on it's thighs. it has 6 long tentacles made up of the tears it consumes. It is constantly crying.


Lacrimaniac came to life in Justin Biebers basement, brought to life by the tears shed by all who listened to his came up and asked Justin if he loved it, as Justin began crying, his tears flew from his face into the mouth of Lacrimaniac who consumed them and turned them into power, seconds later impaling JB with it's tentacles. The creature got out and hunted down every JB fan asking them if they loved it before impaling them. It eventually moved on to hunting children for their tears, as they were more juicy and full of power. When it was shot in the head by an angry father, it fled into the sewers and found a group of suicidal people, who agreed to cry until they couldn't cry anymore if it meant their lives would be taken by it. After consuming all of those tears, Lacrimaniac began to grow in size, turning 50 meters tall. But don't let this size fool you. It once got into a fight with Manpissed and dropped it in seconds, causing it to cry, feeding off of it's tears. Lacrimaniac is a sign of the end in many countries around the world, representing suicide, depression, and death in general, by any means. Despite this, Lacrimaniac is desperate for friends yet can never find any.


  • Disco - It likes to move it move it, it likes to.... MOVE IT!!!
  • Tear Tentacles - With its six tentacles made out of human tears, it impales all who get in it's way.
  • Justin Bieber music - It can play all of them to the "EWW MAKE HIM DIE!!!!!!!!11!!!`1" Baby, to the "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH THIS SONG IS SO GOOD!11111111111111!" Sorry.


It's name is derived from the medical term Lacrimation, meaning crying, and maniac, as it is obsessed with tears.


  • Lacrimaniac is a Transgender. The first of it's kind on the wiki.
  • Being a symbol of death is hard for a creature that just wants friends.
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