Krizmus is a white Christmas kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001, but that's not important. What is important is that you have a great Christmas and a happy new year!


Before becoming a horrible monster, Krizmus was a man named Christopher Muntz. He was convicted multiple times for multiple unsuccessful and successful attempts of rape. Realizing just how horrible life in prison was, Christopher promised to change his ways and become a much better person. Returning to his cabin in the woods, Christopher began preparing for the Winter holidays. However, in a similar fashion to how David found Oh Pi, Christopher came across a strange lifeform that came crashing down in the middle of the woods. He checked it out and was attacked by the creature, which made its way into his throat and into his body. It wasn't until Christmas Day that Christopher woke up, when he discovered that he had strange abilities. Being able to transform parts of his body, Christopher became Santa and made his way to the city to make the first public appearance of the true Santa Claus. Resisting violent and sexual urges, Christopher genuinely tried to be a good person. He was taken in by the GKDF who doubted he was the real Santa. There, he met Oh Pi and Nurth, two kaiju he quickly took a liking to. It wasn't until Katherine decided to confront him that Christopher began to show his true colours. Attempting to rape her, he began mutating into a new monstrous form reflecting the days of his life he had tried to forget. Oh Pi fought him off and he escaped into the sewers. Christopher tried to return to his friendly Santa Claus form but found that he was not able to. He then mutated into Krizmus, his third form, and ignited all of the gas in the sewers, completely destroying them and many buildings around them. Now a full size kaiju, he began to destroy the city. Oh Pi and Nurth teamed up as they usually did and fought him. The battle ended when Nurth grabbed him by one of his four legs and slammed him into a building. Krizmus died and reverted to his second and a half form, before reverting to his second form and then his original human form.


Krizmus has multiple forms. In his first form, he is just an ordinary human. He has jet black hair, blue eyes, a somewhat round face and a stubble. He doesn't really have any defining features. His most defining feature is his height. He is taller than the average person which allows him to run faster than most people. In his second form, he looks like a cartoon-like Santa Claus, completely with round rubbery skin and large animated eyes. He looks a little inflated, as if he isn't really there. In his second and a half form, he still retains his Santa Claus appearance but has two sharp praying mantis arms coming out from his eye sockets. His hands are also gone and replaced with disfigured stumps that leak a strange marshmellow liquid. Two gigantic spider legs come from his shoulders which he uses to carry himself around with. His stomach looks as if it is ready to bulge open and reveal something horrible. It never stops rapidly pulsating. In his third form, he appears as he does in the infobox image. He is tall and has many sharp limbs. He still wears his Santa hat and has one red eye that never blinks. He has a long beak similar to Oh Pi's beak and has many bright red stripes on him. He has four wooden 'feet' that are designed to look like the roots of a tree.


  • Transformation: Krizmus is able to transform between three different forms and one that is halfway between his second and third forms. Each form is more bigger and disfigured than the last, losing the original human traits he once had.
  • Beams: In his third form, Krizmus can fire a red and white beam at his enemies from his single eye.
  • Flight: In his third form, Krizmus can make the wooden feet at the bottom of his body spin around like a helicopter propeller, allowing him the freedom to fly around wherever he wants.
  • Arms: Krizmus can spin his two distinctive arms as if they were drills, allowing him to cut through anything in his way.


  • There's no trivia here but I'd just like to repeat my earlier message. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!
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