Ketsueki-Nikaiju is a flesh based kaiju created by SuperNerd.


Ketsueki-Nikaiju is a long contorted string of flesh, with many splotches of human skin on it. At seemingly random, animal limbs and features will break out of the flesh, such as; A deformed human arm, a snakes head, a goats leg, Manpissed's claw, Lacrimaniac's tear-tentacles, and a turtle shell. It has many eyes covering mostly it's "head", and several black portions.


Ketsueki-Nikaiju was created as an experiment in a Japanese facility were live human test subjects (along with assorted animals and kaiju DNA) were spliced together in a horrific genetic mess. The result was a horrifying monster that could not be stopped. It grew so quickly that it broke out of the test facility in seconds. It began to crawl around the streets of Tokyo, where do to it's appearance was dubbed the name "Ketsueki-Nikaiju".


  • Strange contortions - It can bend in what ever way it wants. Useful in the movie theater!
  • Everything everything it is part of can do except run or do anything but slowly crawl painfully on the ground. - Splaned it all.


Ketsueki-Nikaiju's name is derived from the word Ketsueki, meaning blood, and Nikaiju, being a combination of the Japanese word fro flesh and the Japanese word for monster.

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