Jehovah is an odd reptilian kaiju created by SuperNerd.


Jehovah resembles a turtle, having a shell and a beak. Jehova is completely black, with no eyes and red and yellow stripes across it's body and tail. It's legs have yellow triangle like shapes on them.


Not much is known of Jehovah prior to it's death. However, as evidenced by the study in its cells after defeat, it is in fact an immortal being, capable of re-birthing itself. The most shocking part about this, is that It's cells where still very much active despite being dead, implying the creature is also invincible. Jehovah is also theorized to be an infant, due to bone separation in it's body, a long with infantile behavior during battle. Jehovah appeared underwater in Tsangpo Canyon Tibet, bursting through the ground and causing mass panic. TBA


  • Ground Spikes - Jehovah is capable of launching spikes of rock from the ground to attack it's foes.
  • Scarab Army - Jehovah can also open up it's shell to unleash an army of rhinoceros beetles, which are controlled telepathically. These beetles are ten time there natural size.


Jehovah's name comes from the Hebrew god, Jehovah.


  • This is the only infant kaiju in eM, and the only turtle kaiju in the series.
  • Jehovah was imaged in one of my dreams. As an adult, Jehovah would be huge, and would have a large ragged rock on it's back.
  • This is the second earth themed turtle I have made, the other one being Pepe of Universe 666.
  • Jehovah's scarab army ability was suggested by Scoobydooman. Thank you.
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