Iron Monster is a giant mech, and a member of the Kaiju Avengers.


Iron Monster has “monster” substitute “Man.”


He looks similar to a mechanical Godzilla, but has Iron Man‘s coloring.


Kazuma, while being arrogent, is kind at heart. He is very intelligent, because he designed and built Iron Monster. He also has an immense sense of humor.



Kazuma Aoki, in this Storyline, is a billionare weapons designer.

Iron Monster

He was designing a bunch of stuff, when he was almost killed by the Japanese Mafia, and captured.

He escaped with his mechanical device he called Garuda. He designed a more advanced one. This giant robot was what he used to fight evil.

However, his uncle got ahold of Garuda, and tried to kill him. Luckily, Stain was stopped.

The Kaiju Avengers

Kazuma Aoki was using his Iron Monster to fight evil Kaiju. He was found by Nick Fury, and joined the Kaiju Avengers initiative.



Iron Monster can obviously fly, using rockets powered by an arch reactor.

Energy absorption and projection

Iron Monster‘s suit is able to absorb massive amounts of energy, and release it from his suit as a blast.


Iron Monster has very great armor.

Hand blasts

The hands release blasts of energy.


Iton Monster releases a railgun blast from it’s mouth.

Armor Variations

Iron Monster has various suit types, each designed for different circumstances.


  • Iron Momster is based off of the Heisei Era Mechagodzilla And Iron Man.
  • This is my first Kaiju which I borrowed an image to make.