Ignis is a Kaiju created by AWM Studio that appears in the fan game Exitium.


Ignis resembles a large red lion like creature with lizard-like scales, horns, face and a fur mane. It also sports a large cannon on its back that is gold in color.


Born from scientific experiments gone wrong, Glacies and Ignis battled it out for dominion of a dying planet. Both monsters possessed an enormous amount of power, thus are destroying the very planet they live on in their struggle for supremacy. on the planet Kagaku, both Igins and Glacies lost their battle because the planet exploded, and Glacies landed on either Earth or Planet X and was later controlled by the Xiliens. Ignis however landed in a unknown planet, if he survived at all.


  • Fire Tornado. Ignis shoots a large blast of fire from his cannon that turns into a tornado in mid air.
  • Flame Pillars. Ignis fires pillars of flames that block an opponent's way, making them retreat to the other side of the screen to avoid them.
  • Canon. Ignis shoots a fireball that explodes in mid air causing damage to an opponent.


  • Ignis is latin for fire.
  • Ignis' roar is based on Baragon's.
  • Ignis is much slower that his "brother"
  • Unlike Glacies, Ignis has yet to be implemented into Godzilla Battle Royale.