IHEzilla is a Kaiju who lives in Universe 1602, and hates everything.


IHEzilla looks like an orange Godzilla with I Hate Everything's face.


Starting out

IHEzilla is the only sensible Kaiju in Universe 1602. As such, he made a Youtube channel to rant about all the morons in his universe. However, unlike most rant channels, IHEzilla had good points instead of just mindless fury. IHEzilla made many enemies but also became pretty popular as well.


IHEzilla has gotten into a lot of trouble with Youtube over varying degrees of bullshit. He also had haters to deal with.

The Daddy Derick incident

Soon after his review of the shitty movie "Cool Cat saves the kids" iHEzilla got into trouble with Daddy Derick, who didn't like had he was doing and started being an asshole. IHEzilla eventually managed to overcome Daddy Derick and defeat him.

Making Memes

IHEzilla was inadvertently responsible for the creation of Durr Plantollante, as well as making several obscure bad movies more well known, turning them into memes as well. He hated this, obviously.

Rise of the Parodies

IHEzilla quickly became aware of various parody channels made in his honor. He studied their small society to learn more about them, quite fascinated


IHEzilla still does what he does, battling the bullshit of Youtube while also spreading the word of anti-cringe.

IHEzilla vs The Emoji Movie

IHEzilla was faced with his greatest challenge yet, the Emoji Movie. The battle was difficult, but eventually IHEzilla came out on top, defeating the Emoji Move and making sure as few people saw it as possible.


  • Making fanboys buthurrt
  • Hate Everything Beam. A beam of IHEzilla's concentrated hatred.
  • Hate pulse. Like the nuclear pulse but with hatred.
  • Cringe immunity
  • The ability to sit through the terrible comments on his videos
  • The ability to survive the movies he watched for The Search For The Worst.


  • Getting his channel taken down.


  • This Kaiju is obviously based on the Youtuber I Hate Everything.
  • IHEzilla is the most intelligent Kaiju in Universe 1602.