Haxxerr is a hacker kaiju created by SuperNerd. He is Jefferey's fourth opponent and has files on everyone (except for Jefferey).


Haxxerr resembles a ghost with seven black rectangles forming out of his head to make himself a crown. He has long arms and 6-7 fingers on each hand. His eye has the Illuminati in it and his body is thin and squiggly.



Haxxerr lived a lonely life and ended up failing so bad he had to live in his moms basement. He needed money. So he began to hack files across the universe with his great computer skills and stole every last penny out of millions of peoples bank accounts. He transferred the money to his planets currency and went upstairs with a fool proof plan to tell his mother he had been working behind her back and got her money to support her living conditions. Upon going upstairs his mother lied dead on the couch with several hundred bags of fast food and a bunch of empty bottles of prune juice. Haxxerr hacked all of her files out of existence and buried her (and the couch) in the backyard.

Jefferey's Jefftastic Space Adventures

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  • Life Hacking - Haxxerr can hack the universe to do his bidding. unfortunately enough, it takes five seconds to do so. This caused his demise to Jefferey. He also used this to summon a barrage of attacks on Jefferey before giving him a small cut.


Haxxerr's name comes from the common slang term used on ROBLOX, "Haxer" as fro some strange reason the word "Hacker" can not be typed into most chats.


  • The sentence in his aliases section is a reference to when me and my friend Deathrock9 where playing ROBLOX and trolling some kids in a tycoon. Death had a gun that deleted blocks and began destroying kids buttons. They thought he was a hacker.
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