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The Gyaodorah is a hybrid kaiju who is owned by Indominus as a pet.


The Gyaodorah is a hybrid of Gyaos and Ghidorah as you can see from the multiple heads from the Ghidorah part of the genes, but it also has the body of his base gene Gyaos.


Indominus was taking a roll in the city to encounter Tacozilla, but while there he found a suspicious place where he found a illegal genetics lab. He decided to bust in, and found out the scientists were creating biological weapons to conquer the city. Indominus stopped the research, and when he put all the scientists in their rightful place, he saw that one of the creatures survived. At the time she looked like a harmless baby Gyaos. With only one head, Indominus thought she was a failed experiment and since she was very small, Indominus decided to take her to the bar and take care of her as a pet, and within a couple weeks, she grew to her juvenile state and grew her other three heads. Now she lives in the bar with the creators, of course in her own room since she's too big to fit in Indominus' room.


  • Flight: With her large wings, she can fly at an amazing speed.
  • Gravity Beams: In her two Ghidorah heads, she can shoot gravity beams.
  • Laser Beam: From her Gyaos head, she can shoot a laser beam.


  • Instead of using the Godzilla PS4 image of King Ghidorah, Indominus used renders of the character as he appears in City Shrouded in Shadow. The same goes for Gyaos.
  • Gyaodorah is good friends with Terry.
  • Even though Indominus put all the scientists in jail, the real man behind the operation is still unknown.
  • This was the last kaiju to be created in 2017.