Grimm Raptor has the same colors of both Beowolf and the Grimm Dragon (or Wyvern if you will) and the body source of Raptor.


Grimm Raptor was created after an anomaly of so much power that could out mach Salem and the Grimm Dragon. So Salem thought she could control it but was to power full that she could'int control and so eventually Grim Raptor escaped of Salem's control and started raging havoc upon Beacon over the other Grimm, killing every thing in sight.

Later Grimm Raptor made a alliance with Black Raptor that both of them would wipe human, kaiju and faunus kind out of the fase of the Earth


  • Power

Grimm Raptor is the most power full Grimm.It's even more power full then Ruby's silver eyes.

  • Red Spiral Beam

Grimm Raptor instead of a Blue Spiral Beam Grimm Raptor fires a red Spiral beam, but has the same power level of the Blue one.