Goliath-Alpha is an aquatic bio-engineered kaiju that was made in a lab in Japan. He is fierce and was initially hostile toward humanity, but eventually joins forces with the Earth Defenders in COMIC MINIS | Godzilla: Fallout Issue 4.


Goliath-Alpha is reminiscent of a dark green, spiked, bipedal lizard. He has multiple horns on his head, body, tail and legs. He has a long neck with a reptilian head that has blue eyes surrounded by scales.


A mysterious genetic scientist based in Tokyo wanted to create a creature that could make Japan the strongest nation on Earth, and defend it from threats. However, the project went horribly wrong and escaped the lab at a giant size. Goliath-Alpha rampaged through the city until he made his way to the Sea of Japan.


Goliath-Alpha: Monster War (comic)


Goliath-Alpha (film)


Goliath-Alpha vs. Grendel


Godzilla: Fallout (comic)


Return of the Goliath



This is a list of special abilities Goliath-Alpha is capable of doing:

  • Goliath-Alpha has lungs and gills, and therefore is capable of staying in the water for over a year, and can breathe air.
  • Goliath-Alpha can fire a plasma fire breath from his mouth.
  • Goliath-Alpha can fire a cutting plasma beam out of his jaws, which slices through things.
  • Goliath-Alpha can shoot plasma balls from his mouth.
  • Goliath-Alpha can fire a concentrated plasma beam from his maw.
  • Goliath-Alpha has enhanced regeneration.
  • Goliath-Alpha can absorb multiple forms of energy, and then convert it into plasma for his special abilities.
  • Goliath-Alpha can transfer energy through any part of his body.
  • If surrounded, Goliath-Alpha can spread charged plasma energy throughout his entire body, giving his body a powerful plasma radiance.
  • Goliath-Alpha can perform a 'Sear Bite', where he bites onto something, and discharges plasma onto the thing he is biting, often leaving a burn, rash, scar, or even burning through it.
  • Goliath-Alpha has superb senses.
  • Goliath-Alpha can power-up his plasma related abilities, which gives them enhanced abilities, and a white coloration instead of the normal green. This is obtained through severe damage, stress, anger, or through absorbing large amounts of energy.
  • Goliath-Alpha has shown good levels of intelligence, such as when he was able to outsmart Grendel, ending in the death of Goliath's foe. He has also shown emotion, noticeably when Goliath Jr. was killed by Grendel. In Godzilla: Fallout, he immediately recognized the Vortaak as the enemy after his mind control device was broken. Goliath-Alpha recalled his creator after a substantial amount of time.


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