Godzillien is the newest kaiju maded by Sonic2006fan.


In 1987, a creature was sighted by a fisher, and he confused the creature with The loch Ness monster. Paleontologists, found a misterious island, and they found a creature, that was confused with Godzilla. After that, they discovered that the creature was a dinosaur species called Godzillius Inmensus, a kind of species like the Godzillasaurus.


Godzillien is kinda like Godzilla, with the differences that Godzillien has a long nec, distorted spines, a long snout and thin extremities.

Powers and Abilities

  • Ability to Swim in the Water
  • Atomic Breath
  • Spiral Breath
  • Nuclear Pulse


The genre Godzillasaurus and the genre Godzillius are from the family Godzillinidae, a family where only creatures that are like Godzilla are included.


  • Sonic2006fan's original idea was making a Hydra, but he decide to change the idea, to make Godzillien.
  • Godzillien's dorsal spines are based in the spines of MireGoji and GiraGoji.
  • His nec, color and face, are based in the creature called Dragon, from the Toho movie, Princess from the Moon.
  • Sonic2006fan also tought that Godzillien looks like the Ultraman Kaiju, Natsunomeryu.
  • His orginal stats were 140m tall, 190m long, and 47,000 tons of weight. But Sonic2006fan changed his stats to the actual stats.