Godzilla The Wrathful King is a Godzilla fan-fiction volume written by Spinocroc123. It is a remake of the Godzilla franchise based mostly on scrapped drafts.


The film exists in a rebooted continuity that ignores all previous installments and tells about a new world where dinosaurs never became extinct


Animals are in a race of survival. They adapt, they mutant, they change and most importantly: they grow. Godzilla originated from an aquatic dinosaur race and rampaged the land to prove his status as the king of this planet.


Part 1 coming soon



  • Originally each project made by Spinocroc123 was going to be a sequel to each main Godzilla timeline, but the idea was scrapped and all projects were combined into a single rebooted continuity, with this originally intended to be a sequel to the "Kiryu Saga".
  • Originally, Godzilla The Wrathful King was a project made by King Asylus, but then he decided to scrap it, along with its sequel, Godzilla: Age of Extinction, in favor of Godzilla: Age of Mechagodzilla. However, King Asylus gave the rights for both films to Spinocroc123.