God Godzilla, also known as the Almighty Deity Godzilla, is a fan-made interpretation of Godzilla that portrays him as a god-like figure. He appeared in an Ultraseven doujinshi (a fan-made manga), Worst Case Invasion of Earth. There is a common misconception among Godzilla fans and Ultra fans that this is an official incarnation of Godzilla.


Standing at 100 meters tall, God Godzilla towers over all other existing kaiju. He has gigantic wings that form a cape. Energy emanates from his body, giving him a bright glow. He vaguely resembles the Heisei Godzilla designs and shares some similarities with King Godzilla, who some speculate is the reason people confuse him for an official kaiju.


In the manga, God Godzilla appears suddenly, amazing the Ultra Garrison, while Ultraseven was fighting a large group of kaiju comprised of Geronimon, Eleking, Peguilla, Red King, Neronga and Zetton. God Godzilla quickly came to Ultraseven's aid. Charging up his atomic beam, he completely obliterates the attacking kaiju and reduces them to unidentifiable burnt corpses. Ultraseven shows his respect and honour as God Godzilla returns to the ocean. Godzilla later reappears during a fight with Alien Baltan, where he is transformed into God Godzilla and rises from the ocean, shocking both Alien Baltan and Ultraseven.


  • Transformation: God Godzilla has a basic Godzilla form, but can be transformed into God Godzilla.
  • Flight: As he has wings, God Godzilla can presumably fly. However, he is never seen doing so.
  • Atomic Beam: God Godzilla possesses an incredibly powerful atomic beam attack, capable of reducing several kaiju into charred corpses.



  • It is not clear if God Godzilla is an actual deity or if that is just the status that has been given to him by fans of the character, but the fact he has to transform into God Godzilla indicates that he may not be an actual god.