Germanium is a Gezora/Godzilla Hybrid Monster, and one of the original Periodic Genesis Kaiju (PGKs). While he was killed in cold blood by Keratos prior to the events of Periodic Genesis: Dawn of Sepsis, his spirit lives on and aids his successor, Germanium II.


Pre-Dawn of Sepsis

Germanium was one of the seven kaiju created by Francium after wiping Earth clean of all its previous life, and was tasked with creating the oceans. After the world was ready for the evolution of life, Germanium remained with Francium and his comrades at their base atop the highest mountain.

Germanium didn't take part in the successful coup by Caesium; his crushing fear of battling prevented him from helping in any capacity.

Billions of years passed, until the newly-created Sepsis sent out his three goons, Keratos, Myos and Organon to hunt down and murder the surviving five PGKs. Keratos caught up to Germanium, and viciously attacked him. With no way out, Germanium was forced to fight, but his inexperience meant he soon went down and was obliterated, save for a single piece that was left behind, and soon started to mutate...

Periodic Genesis: Dawn of Sepsis

My progenitor smiles upon my actions. It's a pity he'll be the only one alongside me to see you die.
- Germanium II
Spiritual Infusion

Germanium's spirit (far right) infusing Germanium II's attacks during the fight against Keratos in Periodic Genesis: Dawn of Sepsis

Despite his apparent 'death', Germanium's spirit had lived on, and was now in the hands of his successor, Germanium II. Germanium II and Germanium's spirit fought together, with Germanium II using his predecessor's spirit to infuse his attacks and make them more powerful. Despite this boost in energy, Keratos floored Germanium II, and prepared to kill him, only for someone else he had brutally downed to rise up, ready to continue the fight in a way Keratos could have never expected...


  • Oceanic Terraforming: In the distant past, Germanium constructed what would eventually become Earth's oceans.
  • Ink Spit: Germanium can fire clouds of ink from his mouth to obscure an opponent's vision.
  • Seawater Jet: Germanium can fire a concentrated 'beam' of seawater from his mouth.
  • Adept Swimmer: At home in water, Germanium can swim at high speeds.


  • Germanium is horrified by the sight of his own blood, and loses the will to fight if his blood is drawn.
  • Germanium II has an intense phobia of battles in any capacity out of the fear of losing his life, and as such has little fighting experience.
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