Generikko is an orange lizard kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


The second incarnation of Generikko is a tall, upright lizard and orange in colour. He has large hands, each bearing five fingers. His head is similar to the head of a newt and he has bright yellow eyes. Unlike the previous incarnation, this Generikko is more slim and therefore more agile.


Unlike the previous Generikko who had taken on a more human personality, this Generikko saw himself as a hero and as such, was more brave and would rarely step down in a fight. He was determined to beat his enemies. However, he still showed signs of human emotions as he had attempted to help Sebastian Kong after being driven away from society by the public.


Rebooted into existence

The Second Generikko was brought into existence after the first Generikko attempted to protect Vurs, a space horse, from the predatory kaiju Exin. Exin smashed the globe on Vurs' back into pieces, causing the entire planet and everything on it to be ripped apart and pulled inside of it. The destroyed globe spat out a rebooted copy of the planet and Vurs died, vanishing out of existence. Exin was rebooted as a less intelligent, brutish creature. He traveled to an uncharted island where he continues to live out the rest of its life. Generikko was rebooted and replaced with a new Generikko that only retained a few of the memories the original Generikko had. Because of this, his personality was reset to a blank slate and he soon took on a more heroic personality.

Meeting Janet

Generikko had the misfortune to meet a transgender kaiju named Janet after defending Earth from a pack of wolf kaiju from space. She admired his bravery and decided to declare her own bravery by openly announcing that she was transgender. She looked up to Generikko as a hero and decided to hang around with him, much to his dismay. She became one of the few individuals who knew where Generikko lived as she had decided to move in with him. She spent most of her time doing nothing do she did help Generikko on a few occasions.

Defending the Earth

To be added.

Splitting the Earth

After dozens of kaiju attacks, the human race had grown sick of having to deal with giant monsters. Knowing that he could make things better, an elderly kaiju known as The Forker came down to Earth and offered his help to the humans. He claimed that Earth's future was an open road and that he could fork it into two separate directions, like a real road. They were unsure of this at first and hesitated to agree to it. However after a few more kaiju attacks, they finally gave their consent and he used his abilities to split the Earth into two identical versions of itself. Most of the humans traveled to the new Earth while the other humans against the idea of two Earths and all of the kaiju were left to continue ruining the original Earth.

Living on a barbaric Earth

To be added.

Traveling to the split Earth

After a whole year of peace and freedom, the split Earth came under threat from a threat they couldn't handle. They had no choice but to travel back to the original Earth and bring Generikko to the split Earth so that he could deal with the threat. He successfully fought it off and it was decided that he would stay on this Earth after it was deemed inevitable that kaiju would continue to terrorize both planets. Generikko was very happy about this, knowing that he would be with humans once again and no longer had to deal with Janet, who had been left behind on the other Earth.

Falling to his death

The second Generikko came to an unfortunate end when an ape kaiju named Sebastian Kong had taken his human boyfriend to the top of the tallest building so that they could hide from everyone who thought that their relationship was disgusting. The military called Generikko in to sort the problem out in the hopes that he would fight Sebastian and kill him. Understanding that Sebastian's problem was because of the humans and not because of him, Generikko attempted to reason with him and call him down from the top of the building. Sebastian refused and stayed at the top of the building, prompting Generikko to climb up the building after him. Believing that Generikko was trying to kill Sebastian, the military attempted to assist him with military jets. They managed to get three direct hits on Sebastian, causing him to fall down the building. He collided with Generikko and the two of them came crashing down, killing them both. His body was taken away to a secret government facility where it could be tested on.


Generikko has multiple abilities:

  • Strength: Generikko is pretty strong. This benefits him during battle as he can pick up most of his enemies and throw them across great distances. He can also pick up giant structures to attack enemies with.
  • Atomic Beam: You can't be a kaiju with a beam attack of some kind, so Generikko can utilise two different atomic beams. One atomic beam is purple and another is green. One may think that they serve some sort of purpose, but the only differences between them is the colour.
  • Speed: Due to his streamlined body, this Generikko is able to run at fast speeds and is quite agile. He often leaps towards his enemies during battle and is able to swiftly dodge enemy attacks whereas the previous Generikko would have been to slow to have avoided them.


  • This Generikko was inspired by the incarnation of Godzilla that appeared in Godzilla: Final Wars as that Godzilla was more slim and faster than his previous incarnations.

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