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General Stone is a character that appeared in Happy Christmas, the first 2017 Christmas special of Council of Creators. The General was created by Scoobydooman90001.


The General had great pride in his work in the Ustin Military, as shown by his reluctance to go the Creators for help when he needed it. Though he seemed to be partially affected by the actions he had taken from his negotiations with the Stars of the Symphony Night, he displayed no remorse when killing Michael Dennis, who had threatened to expose him for what he did.


The General has a somewhat sharpish appearance, which is fitting for his job at the North Ustin Military Base. He was short grey hair and blue eyes. He almost always wears his uniform, though he often dresses formally when he isn't wearing it.


General Stone was put in charge of the 2018 Christmas crisis after the Stars of the Symphony Night designated the North Ustin Military Base as their choice of contact. Unable to communicate with them, he was forced to seek out the Creators at their bar and bring them to the North Ustin Military Base so that they could talk with the Stars.

After the Stars had decided they no longer needed the Creators, General Stone found himself able to talk to them. Believing that there was no other choice, he gave in to the demands the Stars had stated and issued out the order to round up a large amount of the Ustin population so that they could be handed over to the Stars.

He watched the exchange take place from the safety of a giant screen in the central hub, where he couldn't possibly be put in danger had things gone wrong. After the Creators had taken care of the Stars, he was confronted by his translator, Michael Dennis, who threatened to expose him to the public for negotiating with the Stars and letting them take part of the population. In anger, he shot down Michael and deleted the evidence from Michael's phone. However, his secretary, Sharon Poole, took him by surprise by shooting him through the back. He attempted to say something to her, but she finished him off by shooting him again. She dropped her gun and reassured herself that she had done the right thing, accepting that she'd be arrested for his murder.


  • The image portraying the General is an image of Ian McKellen.
  • It is arguable that the General was more of a villain than the Stars themselves were, whose status as a villain was mostly ambiguous as best. This is further shown by the scene in which he gets his comeuppance.
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