Garbo is a depressed clown kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


While the origins of Garbo's name remains unclear, it has been noted that in his home universe, it is synonymous with the word 'garbage'. When telling his family this, they agreed with it and thought it to be accurate.


Garbo has a giant sturdy body, with a huge hunchback. His skin is an very pale white colour and he has two black crosses for eyes. His arms are incredibly long and protrude out of his hunchback. He has legs similar to that of a turkey. He has a giant red nose and red curly hair. Considering his hunchback to be a disfigurement, he hides it and his shame of it by wearing a long yellow robe covered in blue spots. The robe is too long for him so a bit of it is always slumped on the floor behind him.


Life in the refugee universe

It is unknown where Garbo came from. He has lived in multiple universes but ended up residing in Universe 1104 with the other refugee kaiju. He shared a room with Keemosaur and despite not liking him, continued to hang around with him. He mostly did this because he didn't want to be lonely. However, this soon began to backfire as Keemosaur began to believe that they were great friends. As Keemosaur began to get more and more annoying, Garbo began to develop bigger suicidal tendencies than before. Unaware that Keemosaur was planning to leave the refugee universe and move to Universe 1602, where he would finally be away from him, Garbo deliberately killed himself through the use of a lethal overdose. Nobody went to his funeral because they didn't care.

In the Council of Creators season one finale, Return of the Fallen, a kaiju named Mitch claimed to be Garbo's brother. However, this isn't actually true and Mitch is just weird.

Captured by the Tall Aliens

If Garbo's life hadn't already been awful enough, it was soon discovered that the higher-ups from the refugee universe had dumped his lifeless corpse in Universe 210, a randomly selected universe, on a planet made entirely of snow and ice. His body was discovered by a flying saucer that had been sent to scout the planet and determine if it could host any forms of life. The aliens, known only as the Tall Aliens, noticed his bright yellow body almost immediately among the rest of the white and blue environment and decided to take it with them on their travels.

The ice planet wasn't suitable for them. They were looking for new uninhabited planets to settle down on as their own planet had been destroyed. To pass the time and alleviate the boredom, they created a tiny pocket universe that they put Garbo into, teleporting him inside of it. Resurrecting him and placing him in a society of humans, they altered his memories so that he had no memories of what had happened before his death, instead making him believe that he was a successful professional performer with a happy family. He now had a wife, Garbette, a son, Garbo Junior, a daughter, Garbina, and a new baby on the way.

While at first just letting his life play out and watching it as it went along, the Tall Aliens eventually got bored and decided to have some fun. Manipulating the pocket universe so that his wife and her unborn child died in a horrific car crash, they watched as he fell into a deep state of depression once more. Now a single father with two kids, he was finding it much harder to support his family. Things would only get worse when Garbina went missing one day, having been abducted by an unknown man after a day at school.

His mental state getting even worse, Garbo just couldn't cope anymore. Turning to alcohol, he became an addict and stopped going to work, racking up debts and not being able to pay any of them off. Any time Garbo Junior would try and interact with him, he'd either just hit the kid to shut him up or cruelly tell him to go ask his mother. One day, on a trip to school, things had just gotten too much for him. Driving away into the countryside, Garbo sped down the narrow road at full speed. Locking the doors so that Garbo Junior couldn't exit the vehicle, he finally smiled one last time before crashing into another car, killing himself, his son and the occupants of the other car.

He was at peace at last, unknowingly for the second time, but that was soon about to change. Realising that they had nothing to do now, the Tall Aliens extracted his mutilated corpse from the pocket universe and restored him back to how he was when they first found him, resurrecting him once again. Resetting the pocket universe to start anew, they once again altered Garbo's memories and gave him a new life and backstory, making sure that every single life he lived ended terribly. Unaware of the fate that has been bestowed upon him, Garbo is in a never-ending loop of living and dying, doomed never to truly be at rest.

Able to control everything within the pocket universe, the Tall Aliens decided to accelerate the rate at which time passed, subjecting Garbo to over 9 billion years of being endlessly resurrected and killed off, each time giving him a new life and keeping him unaware of his past ones. Over this time, Garbo had lived with other 9 billion different versions of his family, completely unaware that they were just new copies.

Captured by the Vardine

Finally, after his 9,679,231,675th death in the pocket universe, it seemed as if things would get better for Garbo. The spaceship the Tall Aliens were traveling in soon came under attack from a rival species, the Vardine. Completely storming the ship, they massacred the Tall Aliens on board, taking a few members of their species alive so that they could run tests on them and determine their weaknesses.

Noticing the device that held the pocket universe in, they saw that Garbo had just began a new life. Unsure of what his species was, they decided it would be worth taking him with them and running tests on him too. Extracting Garbo from the pocket universe, they took him as their prisoner and drugged him, rendering him unconscious.

Garbo later awoke in a dark green pod, where he found himself wired in to multiple small machines, some being within his body and performing surgical work, dissecting him while he was awake. Trying to access his memories to determine his planet of origin, the Vardine accidentally unlocked all of his erased memories, allowing them to all come flooding back to him. He could now remember all 9 billion years of his life, from his very first death to his 9,679,231,675th. He could remember over 9 billion versions of his family and the circumstances in which all of them died, and perhaps even worse, that they weren't even genuine to begin with.

With too many memories to sift through and too many deaths to count, the Vardine decided that he was a weak creature and that he was no longer of any use to them. However, as they had over 100 chambers of medical pods such as the one he was in, they decided it wouldn't be much of a loss to just leave him there. For the next 65 years, Garbo would remain in the pod, being operated on 24/7 by machines that would constantly dissect him, patch him up and keep him alive, having not been programmed to ever stop. Over the years, the Vardine would occasionally return to Garbo to harvest organs from him, as they knew their machines could hold him back from death.

Enslaved by the Thoraciphage

Thankfully for him, the machine stopped operating on him one day during a power outage. Before the power could be brought online, Garbo escaped from his medical pod and attempted to escape in a pod. However, they were on the other side the ship, and between the two of them was a gunfight taking place between the Vardine and a rogue splinter group of the Thoraciphage. The fight was so fierce that the Vardine did not notice their escaped prisoner, who slowly navigated his way through the battle.

Finally finding his way to the escape pods, he was distraught to find two Thoraciphage soldiers waiting for the Vardine, making sure they couldn't leave their ship. Garbo was arrested and taken to the Thoraciphage leader. Inspecting the clown and coming to the same conclusion on him that the Vardine had come to, the leader decided to use Garbo as one of many labour slaves at the labour camps of planet Thorexia, a planet named after Thoracia, who had disowned this splinter cell.

Working at the various camps, Garbo was often beaten by Thoraciphage officers for his hideous appearance. At one point, his leg was even deliberately broken and then blamed on a fellow prisoner, who was soon executed for violence towards other 'colleagues' at the camp. Garbo's leg eventually healed but it didn't really matter, for his physical health and mental state were both rapidly deteriorating. Prisoners only had two meals a day, one at 7 in the morning and one at 7 in the afternoon.

Liberated by the Skarazanni

Garbo remained at these camps for 6 months but was soon rescued when it was liberated by the Skarazanni. Believing he had finally been saved, he was soon taken in by the Skarazanni for questioning. Like the Vardine and the rest of the Thoraciphage race, the Skarazanni had a grudge against them and intended to interrogate each prisoner to find out more information about the Thoraciphage.

Garbo told the Skarazanni all that he knew and having no more use for him, they released him into the open universe. Finally, Garbo was a free man once more. Living on Skarania, planet of the Skarazanni, Garbo lived a peaceful life for 2 years. He joined a Skaranian support group where he could tell others about his horrific experiences he had been put through. Here, he received the support he needed and he even met someone who he could sympathise with. Her name was Ska-Krijette (Krijette for short).

Moving into her home with her, Garbo and Krijette soon got to know each other more personally and became a lot closer. They bonded over their support for one another, and soon enough, arrangements had been made for the two of them to marry one another. On Skarania, marriages were arranged by parents, though only by request of the two people intending to wed each other.

Getting a job as a scientist, Garbo and Krijette were doing well. They were engaged, they lived happily together and they were now making a good amount of money. However, things never stay perfect forever... One day, it was reported that a Skarazanni citizen which had found its way to Earth had been killed by an inhabitant of the planet. The media blew into outrage, absolutely distressed by what they perceived as a hate crime. The Skaranian government acknowledged what had happened, but decided to take no action as the Earth was not within their jurisdiction.

Working against his will

An underground group of renegade Skarazanni were displeased, though not surprised, by the lack of action from the government. Sending an elite member of their race to the Earth, he too was killed. Angered by this, the renegades formulated an alternate strategy to punish the Earth. Intending to create a chemical weapon that would disease everyone on the Earth, they seeked help from numerous scientists on the planet, none of which would accept their request. Believing that action had to be taken, they targeted Garbo, one of the many scientists they asked.

Kidnapping his fiancee, they demanded that he make their desired chemical weapon for them if he wanted to see Krijette again. Garbo reluctantly agreed and he began work for them, developing the weapon each hour of the day that he was awake. Locked in a room with nothing more than a television and the resources he needed, Garbo was yet again a prisoner. He would regularly be given food and drink, though he wasn't allowed to see his wife.

Soon enough, government officials caught on that Garbo was making chemical weapons, though were unaware that it was against his will. Arranging a raid on the underground lair, the majority of the renegade Skarazanni were all murdered in cold blood. The leader of the group rushed to Garbo for help, who attempted to explain to the Skarazanni agents that he wasn't part of this operation as they entered the room. They did not listen, however, and he was shot multiple times in the chest.

Bleeding out on the ground, he watched as the leader of the group grabbed the chemical weapon and unleashed it. The weapon was close to completion though it hadn't yet been finalised. Programmed to be sentient, it was to be designed in a way that it would seek out specific lifeforms. This had not yet been built into the weapon and so it soon spread to everyone and everything on the planet, killing everyone in under half an hour and completely destroying the environment. Skarania had become a lifeless planet. Garbo was dead once more.


  • Nothing: Garbo is useless.


  • Garbo has attempted to commit suicide multiple times. Most of these attempts are usually caused because of Keemosaur. It is ironic then that his first death occurred just before Keemosaur left the refugee universe.
  • Every now and then, the history section is expanded to make his life even more miserable.
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