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The contents of this page are meant to be a joke.
Do not take anything written here seriously.

Gamera is a screaming turtle kaiju created by SuperNerd. No, I'm not giving credit to Kadokawa, this Gamera can't do anything.


Gamera, for the most part, looks like a normal turtle. The only exception to this is his head, which always derps out and randomly opens, causing him to scream and flail around.


Gamera is a deformed Cuban Slider, a turtle species that is only found in Cuba (If that wasn't obvious). He was rejected by his mother and then found by a little girl. "Mommy, It's a Slider!" she said, about to pick it up. Gamera turned to her and looked on in horror as he was picked up by the worst predator, little children. He tried to escape but he wasn't stronk enough. The little girls mother came by and said "Honey, that turtles not normal, please put it down." But as she said that Gamera began screaming and flailing in the girls arms. The girl dropped it and screamed, running behind her mommy. Gamera began flailing into the woods where it lived a happy life, until one day.

Gamera was now fully grown and mutated because he ate a large piece of chocolate and got diabetes. But Giant Gastro Intestinal Worm appeared while he slept and suffocated him, ripping his insides apart and ate his flesh until all that was left was bone. Gamera was never seen again.


  • Flail Round Rapid - Gamera will open it's mouth, causing it to scream and flail around. This could almost harm someone. Depends on how big they are.
  • Suicide Splozun Bang Boom - Suicide Splozun Bang Boom


Gamera has the same name as the Tokusatsu kaiju created by Kadokawa studios, Gamera. This is partially because he is a Gamera.


  • I only made this page because I realized that if GGIW killed a Gamera, I should probably make a page for him.
  • This kaiju is a parody of how Gamera from the Showa series screams almost every 5 seconds.
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