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Firegrodonis a sentient elemental kaiju made by FlurrTheGamerMixel.


Firegrodon looks like a monster made out of brown rock and magma, with black smoke coming out of him.


Pre-Council of Creators

Firegrodon was born from a volcano sometime before 2017. He has a rivalry with Obsidius before becoming the bartender of the The Council of Creators.

Council of Creators Episode 1

Firegrodon had apparently been working with his master, Flurr during the time leading up to Flurr's betrayal of the Creators, though it is unknown if Aetherium had altered him in any way. During this time he also served as the Creator's bartender. When Flurr did up and betray the Creators, Firegrodon went to his side, and helped Flurr fight the Creators, ultimately escaping with his master.

Pre-Episode 30

Some time before the events of Episode 30, Firegrodon had been banished to the Refugee Universe and was living there.

Council of Creators Episode 30

Firegrodon was among the Kaiju in the Refugee Universe, having been living with them for some time. When Flurr came to sway them to his side, Firegrodon immediately rejoined his master, and helped to convince the other Refugee Kaiju to join Flurr's crusade.

Firegrodon was among the Kaiju attacking the bar, and when the Creators fled into the multiverse, he stayed behind with Flurr to aid in coordinating and overseeing the mobilizing of Flurr's army to locate the Creators. However, when Firegrodon showed blatant disregard for human lives, Flurr, who has begun to regain his sanity in spite of Aetherium's influence, turned against his creation and killed Firegrodon as a display to his troops.



In addition to all of Obsidius' abilities and strength, Firegrodon has:

  • Fire Burst
  • Fire Beam
  • Molten Breath

Council of Creators

  • Speech
  • Enough dexterity to be a liked bartender.
  • Indistinct MS-Paint abilities that were capable of holding back the Creators.
  • His large hands are useful in combat, being able to catch SuperNerd's sword.
  • He was able to easily sneak behind Hokuto Black King.
  • Size Change: Firegrodon can change in size from a creature of slightly below average human height to a fairly large kaiju. It is unknown whether this is an innate ability of his or something provided by Flurr and possibly the other Creators during his time serving as their bartender.