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Want to make your own fan made kaiju? If so, this wiki is for you! Here you can make your own kaiju, kaijin or yokai as long as they are appropriate! For those who don't know what a kaiju is, kaiju is Japanese and translates as 'strange beast'. Naturally, you are gonna see characters and kaiju from Godzilla and Gamera fanon. However, fan-made content concerning films and series such as Ultraman, Pacific Rim, Cloverfield, Spectreman, Power Rangers / Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and other similar shows are allowed. It's your choice!

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Controlled by Empress Zagi, Shirakuna is an alien insect that first appeared in Gfantis vs. THING. Used as a pawn for use in the conquest of Earth, Shirakuna did battle with Earth's defender, Gfantis. Shirakuna is based upon the Marvel Comics character, Rhiahn, a kaiju once fought by Godzilla himself.
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