Exitium is a fan game created by AWM Studios. It features the debut of the fan Kaiju Glacies and Ignis.


The Ize, an alien race from the planet Kagaku have been experimenting on living beings in order to achieve immortality. While they did succeed, this research also led to the creation of Glacies and Ignis, who were somehow let loose and are now destroying the planet.

The Ize's distress signals have managed to reach Earth, where their current situation is being watched over by military personnel.



The HUD is shown at the top of the screen, displaying the monsters' energy bars, which is consumed by using any special attack and refilled overtime or by roaring, and between the bars are the planet's status, starting blue and slowly becoming red overtime, but this process goes faster when special attacks are used.

The entire gameplay is centered around getting points which is only doable by destroying the buildings. When the planet's status meter is completely red, you win if you have reached the mission's criterias, which are usually simply to have more points than your opponent.

While both monsters are controlled using the same keys and have basically the same moves, Ignis is much slower and has a shorter range than Glacies, thus making him the Hard Mode.

Bugs and exploits

  • Animations can be cancelled by pressing another key, negating cool downs and, when timed correctly, completely negating energy consumption.
  • When both Kaiju end up with the same score on the first or last level and there are no buildings left, the stage never ends, softlocking the game and requiring a reload.



Other characters

  • Ize alien
  • General Haze
  • Unnamed soldier


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