Skarazanni is an alien kaiju created by Scoobydooman90001.


Like Skarazanni, the Elite Skarazanni has a very large head. However, it has one yellow eye on the left of it's head and another yellow eye on the right side. Like the normal Skarazanni, it doesn't have a mouth and has a very slim body. It has similar structures growing out of it's body though the Elite Skarazanni has more than the usual amount. In the centre of these markings is a strange diamond shape that can fire lasers. The Elite Skarazanni has pale circular markings on it's arms.


The Elite Skarazanni came to Earth after it learnt of the deaths of the previous Skarazanni that had been defeated by Oh Pi. It deliberately smashed through buildings and destroyed as much as it could. It was soon approached by Oh Pi and took the opportunity to attack him with it's electricity bolts. However, Oh Pi was still going through his gun phase (he was fascinated by guns at the time) and shot him in the chest multiple times with a pistol, finishing him off by shooting him four times in the head.


  • Lasers: The Elite Skarazanni is able to fire hot lasers from it's eyes than can be used to melt structures and vehicles.
  • Electricity Hands: The Elite Skarazanni can fire bolts of electricity from it's fingers.
  • Jumping: The Elite Skarazanni is able to leap across great distances. It was able to leap higher than the usual Skarazanni.
  • Flexibility: Skarazanni is very flexible. This is very likely due to it's incredibly slim body. It can wrap around structures and constrict it's body to destroy them.


  • The colour of the circular markings on the Elite Skarazanni's arm insinuates that they show a sort of rank.
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