Dinosaur Tank Mk3 is an upgraded form of Dinosaur Tank created by Alien Kill, who appears in Ultraman Fusion.


Dino Tank Mk 3 looks like the Normal Dinosaur Tank, but with more weapons attached.


Ultraman Fusion

Dinosaur Tank Mk3 was created by Alien Kill in order to kill all who stood in his way of conquering the earth. The cyborg was unleashed upon a nearby city where it caused lots of destruction. LTV was helpless to stop it, Luckily, Ultraman Fusion appeared to combat the monster. Fusion engaged Dinosaur Tank Mk 3 but the Kaiju's superior weapons caught the Ultra off guard and he was soon pummeled by it's attacks. Dinosaur Tank then attempted to flatten the Ultra with his treads, but luckily, Fusion managed to muster the strength to lift the monster off of him, throwing him miles away until he crashed into the Abandoned Buildings District. Afterwards Fusion fired his beam and killed Dinosaur Tank in a single shot. Alien Kill tried to get away in a UFO but was blown up.

T-Rex: Final Final Wars: Giant Clusterf*** All Out Attack!

Dinosaur Tank Mk 3 Briefly reappeared in this film but was defeated by Ultraseven.


  • All the guns fire
  • He rolls
  • Biting


  • Originally, I was going to call him "Weaponized Dinosaur Tank"
  • Now he actually functions as a tank
  • Rigger was only included in this story because he was made from Dinosaur Tank's suit.
  • Dinosaur Tank Mk 3's name is based on Dinosaur Tank Mk 2, a variation of Dinosaur Tank that appeared in a video game.
  • He used to be a Universe 986 Kaiju but I rewrote him for Ultraman Fusion.