Davaza is gigantic serpent kaiju that is hellbent on consuming every living creature.


Davaza is a humongous serpent kaiju with dark brown scales and light brown underbell. He has two rows of one meter long teeth and dark green blood. He also has ten short tooth like spikes protruding out of his back


Long ago there was once a sailor who traveled across the seven seas on this trusty boat. While he was sailing a gaigan storm appeared from out of noware and destroyed his vessel. the sailor slowly sunk to the bott of the sea. As he drowned he heard a voice in is head that told him that he would live but only if he gave his soul to the snake god. Not knowing what this meant he accepted the deal. Soon the sailor woke up on land but in a new form. He was now a massive serpent and he was hungry.


  • Can spray a poison liquid
  • The spikes running down his back can shot out and quickly regrown  
  • Body can absorb sunlight to quickly heal wounds