Dark Lugiel is an evil being that originated from an unknown universe and later invaded Universe 1998. He is responsible for transforming Ultraman Dyna into a Spark Doll.


Lucile looks exactly like his original counterpart.


The universe Dark Lugiel originated from is unknown. At some point, he invaded Universe 1998, transforming all of the Ultra and Kaiju into spark dolls with his Dark Spark. Lugiel took control of the universe's Kaiju, and later corrupted the Ultras to serve his bidding. However, one Ultra managed to escape. This was Ultraman Dyna. Dark Lugiel eventually tracked Dyna to Universe 1, where he had fallen into the possession of the Council of Creators, specifically BRK, whom Dyna had fallen in love with. Lugiel sent Gigantic Zetton, Mons-Aghar,Meemos, and Reigubas to attack the city. After the Council and Dyna defeated the Kaiju and alien, Lugiel appeared before them, sending his dark Ultras to attack the group. Eventually, Lugiel was forced to retreat when Dyna freed Zero and Cosmos of his control, fusing into Ultraman Saga. Lugiel left through a portal, with Saga in pursuit. He has not been seen since.


  • Same as the original Dark Lugiel
  • Dimensional travel
  • DX Dark Spark open part 2

    Lugiel's Dark Spark


  • Dark Lugiel is the first COC villain to be an alternate version of an existing character
  • I actually have no idea what Dark Lugiel's powers are. I just went with vague dark evilness for his power set in the episode he appeared in.